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490Slaugham Place conjectural reconstruction1575
583Line drawing of Slaugham church1631
123Zoar Baptist Chapel - High Street, Handcross1782
2316Original Ashfold House, Handcross1787
584Painting of Slaugham church 1805
200The shop in Slaugham1830
2296Auction 1836 (2 of 8) - Fountain Inn and windmill1836
2302Auction 1836 (8 of 8) - Hyde Farm1836
2301Auction 1836 (7 of 8) - Finches Farm1836
2300Auction 1836 (6 of 8) - Tilgate Forest Lodge1836
2297Auction 1836 (3 of 8) - Handcross houses1836
2295Auction 1836 (1 of 8) - Cover and conditions1836
2299Auction 1936 (5 of 8) - Tilgate Forest Cottage1836
2332Bosworth and Rock Cottage, Slaugham (2 of 3)1841
10Tithe map of 1842 showing Handcross House1842
2331Bosworth and Rock Cottage, Slaugham (1 of 3)1842
2102Nye & Son, shopkeepers of Handcross (2 of 2)1850
1057Stagecoach from Brighton at Red Lion, Handcross1867
469Policeman at Old White Horse, Slaugham1870
1613A walk at Tilgate Forest Lodge, Pease Pottage1871
534Landlord standing outside the Red Lion, Handcross1872
100High Street, Handcross1872
2426Auction of Handcross Park Estate 1873 (1 of 2)1873
2427Auction of Handcross Park Estate 1873 (2 of 2)1873
418Auction sale of No.1 Batchelors Buildings1873
2333Bosworth and Rock Cottage, Slaugham (3 of 3)1874
468Old White Horse, Slaugham1875
103High Street, Handcross1875
172Black Swan, Pease Pottage1875
171Black Swan, Pease Pottage1875
516Stagecoach leaving the Red Lion, Handcross1875
2101Nye & Son, shopkeepers of Handcross (1 of 2)1875
102High Street, Handcross1875
457PC Thomas Holden, Handcross policeman1876
85Sir Edmund Loder's wedding1876
93Sir Edmund Loder's wedding1876
86Sir Edmund's Loder wedding1876
87Sir Edmund Loder's wedding1876
88Sir Edmund Loder's wedding1876
89Sir Edmund Loder's wedding1876
90Sir Edmund Loder's wedding1876
91Sir Edmund Loder's wedding1876
92Sir Edmund Loder's wedding1876
94Sir Edmund Loder's wedding1876
2161Thomas Caffyn's shop in Handcross High Street1880
2032Thomas Caffyn flagon from Handcross Post Office1880
79Brighton Road horse and carriage1880
1267Staplefield cricket match report 18811881
2473St Mary's church at Slaugham (3 of 6)1885
2138Programme of entertainment in Handcross1886
121Old garage in High Street, Handcross1886
2135Windmill behind Fountain Inn, Handcross (1 of 2) 1888
2136Windmill behind Fountain Inn, Handcross (2 of 2)1888
1056Stagecoach race for wager1888
2095Stagecoach in Penny Illustrated of 18881888
124Zoar Baptist Chapel - High Street, Handcross1888
1796Belleview - Mystery house at Slaugham1889
995A carriage and pair at Woodhurst 1890
456George Wheatland, builders of Handcross1890
664Balcombe Water Tower1890
2093Balcombe Water Tower (1 of 2)1890
990The Old School, Slaugham1890
586Girls in Slaugham churchyard1890
821The great and good of Handcross1890
296Staplefield Common1890
297Stone Court, Staplefield Common1890
98Hoadley's and Red Lion1890
1055Mail coach abandoned in snow1890
84Stagecoach on Handcross Hill1890
1110Family game of stoolball 1891
1235Handcross Band 18921892
914Handcross Cricket Club1892
495Policeman outside the Working Men's Club1895
496Schoolchildren in Handcross High Street1895
740Barlands Farm, Warninglid1895
1695Cattle on Staplefield Common1895
536Rush hour in Handcross1895
535Farm wagon outside the Red lion1895
1236Handcross Band 18951895
2131Handcross Orchestra (5 of 6)1895
2030Horse and cart in Horsham Road, Handcross1896
1060Diamond Jubilee party at Warninglid1897
1237Handcross Band venues 1894 to 18991899
948Warninglid school 18991899
692Wedding of George Tomsett and Ann Newman1899
106Cyclists in High Street, Handcross1900
108High Street, Handcross1900
2144Zoar Strict Baptish Chapel, Handcross1900
224The Carpenters Arms, Slaugham1900
283Blacksmith, Warninglid1900
281Blacksmith, Warninglid1900
110Stagecoach in High Street, Handcross1900
173Black Swan, Pease Pottage1900
682The conservatory at Buchan Hill house1900
107High Street, Handcross1900
176Foxhounds at the Black Swan, Pease Pottage1900
1643Handcross School early interior photograph1900
569Sunday morning at Slaugham church1900
80Brighton Road - Old Handcross Laundry1900
1568Stagecoach at the Red Lion, Handcross1900
78Cyclists in Brighton Road1900
470Horse and cart at Old White Horse, Slaugham1900
466"Handcross" steam locomotive1900
174Black Swan, Pease Pottage1900
493Working Men's Club in Handcross High Street1900
1982Haymaking at Buchan Hill, Pease Pottage1900
694The original Staplefield Place 1900
256Haymaking at Portways Farm1900
257Old Park, Warninglid1900
720Tilgate Forest Lodge, Pease Pottage1900
212The Green, Slaugham1900
693The original Staplefield Place1900
263Post Office, Warninglid1900
1583Warninglid School group photograph1900
352Hibbs & Sons, Handcross1900
494Working Men's Club in the High Street1900
1372Handcross school exterior 1900
603Tomb of Richard Covert, Jnr1900
602Tomb of Richard Covert, Snr1900
374Tilgate sawmill1900
276The Street, Warninglid1900
375Threshing on the Tilgate Estate1900
585Yew tree in Slaugham churchyard1900
1064Tom and Louisa Leppard's wedding, perhaps1900
1375Handcross cricket team - earliest photograph1900
243Slaugham Place ruins1900
730Sewage cart outside Warren Cottages, Handcross1900
222Carpenters Arms, Slaugham1900
601Tomb of John Covert1900
949Warninglid school 19001900
452Staplehurst, newsagent of Handcross1900
44Pook's Church at Nymans1900
45Pook's Church at Nymans.1900
410Chodds Farmhouse1900
989The Sundial, Slaugham1900
51The Hyde house1900
52The Hyde house1900
411Chodds Farmhouse1900
1176Handcross school in 19011901
965Bravery award at Warninglid school1901
2482Crawley School 19011901
201Post office stores, Slaugham1901
1940The Rectory at Slaugham1903
1150Handcross football team 19031903
2393Walking on a ball in Handcross (1 of 2)1903
1941Children standing under the lych gate at Slaugham 1903
1812Sussex Archaeological Society visits Slaugham1903
1177Handcross school in 19031903
799High Street, Handcross1903
1942Slaugham church and Matcham tomb1903
2394Walking on a ball in Handcross (2 of2)1903
1859Slaugham Furnace Pond (1 of 11)1904
192Bosworths, Slaugham1904
2430Sports Day at Red Lion Field, Handcross (1 of 6)1904
482Rifleman Inn at Warninglid with early motor car1904
747Pony and trap in the Horsham Road, Handcross1904
728Two children outside Warren Cottages, Handcross1904
179Black Swan, Pease Pottage1904
406The Post Office, Warninglid1904
307Staplefield pond1904
1644Handcross School - Girls photograph 19041904
175Black Swan, Pease Pottage1904
240Slaugham Place ruins1904
2054Holmbush Tower near Colgate1904
408Mrs Acocks Cottage, Staplefield1904
109High Street, Handcross1904
149Post Office, Pease Pottage1904
1861Slaugham Furnace Pond (3 of 11)1905
505Tree avenue at Handcross Park1905
504Auction of Handcross Park1905
717Staplefield Vicarage1905
2099Colwood House (1 of 2)1905
708Auction of Warren Cottages, Handcross1905
2416Saillard family at Pease Pottage (2 of 2)1905
727Load of hay outside Warren Cottages, Handcross1905
752Truckers Hatch, formerly known as The Hollies1905
202Post office stores, Slaugham1905
1381Handcross Park cricket team1905
2306Ashfold House, Handcross (2 of 3)1905
178Horse and trap outside the Black Swan1905
2444Handcross Park auction sale 1905 (4 of 4)1905
1645Handcross School group photograph 19051905
239Slaugham Place ruins1905
2449Flower Show in Red Lion Field, Handcross (1 of 14)1905
2450Flower Show in Red Lion Field, Handcross (2 of 14)1905
1488Mill Pond at Slaugham in colour1905
177Horse and trap outside the Black Swan1905
162Tin Church, Pease Pottage1905
655Balcombe Lane "The Orchard"1905
652Balcombe Lane1905
181Black Swan, Pease Pottage1905
573Confirmation at Slaugham church1905
577The verger beneath the lych gate at Slaugham1905
230Slaugham Manor1905
950Warninglid school 19051905
244Slaugham Place ruins1905
1670Fountain Inn, Handcross (7 of 7)1905
247Slaugham Place ruins1905
2431Sports Day at Red Lion Field, Handcross (2 of 6)1905
246Slaugham Place ruins1905
1584Warninglid School photograph of Group 41905
2307Ashfold House, Handcross (3 of 3)1905
2443Handcross Park auction sale 1905 (3 of 4)1905
245Slaugham Place ruins1905
163Tin Church, Pease Pottage1905
1653Free Chase, Warninglid from the gardens1905
1652Slaugham church with two girls in churchyard1905
242Slaugham Place ruins1905
2441Handcross Park auction sale 1905 (1 of 4)1905
2442Handcross Park auction sale 1905 (2 of 4)1905
705Delivery man outside Warren Cottages, Handcross1905
332Jolly Tanners, Staplefield1905
1028Pease Pottage cricket team1905
807Free Chase, Warninglid1905
111High Street Handcross - Signwriting1905
303Cattle in Staplefield pond1905
197The Green, Slaugham1905
443Cyclists outside Robinson Bros, Handcross1905
587Trees in Slaugham churchyard1905
306Staplefield pond1905
2379Lynwood, High Street, Handcross1905
159The Grapes, Pease Pottage1905
198Chantry House, Slaugham1905
351The Stables, Handcross Park1905
99Caffyn Bros, Handcross1905
1054Final Royal Mail coach to London1905
393Map of Nymans Estate1905
1570Landlord of the Red Lion, Handcross1905
475Staplefield Grange1905
2362East Lodge of Handcross Park in Balcombe Lane1905
458Fountain Inn, Handcross1905
2365Handcross Park and the Blake Millions1905
2466Tulley's Post Office Stores, Handcross (1 of 5)1905
333Jolly Tanners, Staplefield1906
2209Fireman victim of Vanguard accident1906
837Vanguard accident - Policeman1906
180Postman at Black Swan1906
203Slaugham post office and stores1906
846Vanguard accident - Visitors to the scene1906
847Vanguard accident - Pony and trap1906
848Vanguard accident - Debris from the gearbox1906
849Vanguard accident - Upper deck wrecked1906
852Vanguard accident - Tree hit by bus1906
838Vanguard accident - Traction engine1906
853Vanguard accident - Oak tree hit1906
2077Vanguard omnibus accident (1 of 10) 1906
868Vanguard accident - The inquest, day two1906
2433Sports Day at Red Lion Field, Handcross (4 of 6)1906
863Vanguard accident - Funeral of Mr Hutchings1906
2432Sports Day at Red Lion Field, Handcross (3 of 6)1906
1880Buchan Hill, Pease Pottage1906
541No traffic in the High Street, Handcross1906
657Group of ladies and girls in Balcombe Lane1906
844Vanguard accident - Rescue work1906
842Vanguard accident - Men working1906
850Vanguard accident - Rector of Slaugham1906
945Church Lads Brigade - Slaugham Company1906
1120Funeral for Vanguard accident victim1906
944Church Lads Brigade - Slaugham Company1906
845Vanguard accident - Timber and car jacks1906
63Ashfold house1906
238Slaugham Place ruins1906
76Hill Top, Brighton Road1906
2078Vanguard omnibus accident (2 of 10)1906
2079Vanguard omnibus accident (3 of 10)1906
2080Vanguard omnibus accident (4 of 10)1906
851Vanguard accident - Oak tree damage1906
840Vanguard accident - Traction engine in steam1906
839Vanguard accident - Rope employed1906
843Vanguard accident - Bearded man with broom1906
665Tilgate Lodge on Pease Pottage Hill1906
841Vanguard accident - Man with bike1906
859Vanguard accident - The Post Office1906
836Vanguard accident - Bus overhanging 1906
833Vanguard omnibus accident 19061906
871Vanguard accident - Illustrated London News1906
860Vanguard accident - Inquest at Red Lion1906
855Vanguard accident - Crawley Cottage Hospital1906
870Vanguard accident - The inquest, day four1906
342Dencombe House1906
867Vanguard accident - The inquest, day one1906
834Vanguard accident - Jumping off1906
2085Vanguard omnibus accident (9 of 10)1906
856Vanguard accident - The Red Lion1906
857Vanguard accident - Where the injured were taken1906
729Several people outside Warren Cottages, Handcross1906
2081Vanguard omnibus accident (5 of 10)1906
858Vanguard accident - Bus taken to Red Lion1906
258Colwood House, Warninglid1906
862Vanguard accident - Funeral of Mr Hutchings1906
864Vanguard accident - Funeral of Mr Hutchings1906
366Tilgate lodge on Pease Pottage hill1906
695All Saints Church in Handcross1906
835Vanguard accident - Man with broom1906
2084Vanguard omnibus accident (8 of 10)1906
869Vanguard accident - The inquest, day three1906
196Cattle on Slaugham Green1906
122Fire at wheelwrights in High Street, Handcross1906
854Vanguard accident - Hospital car1906
861Vanguard accident - Inquest at Red Lion1906
4Multi-View Postcard1906
865Vanguard accident - In Memoriam pamphlet1906
866Vanguard accident - Newspaper report in the Times1906
286The Street, Warninglid1907
1863Slaugham Furnace Pond (5 of 11)1907
1111Handcross Park Cricket Team 19071907
167Tilgate Forest Row, Pease Pottage1907
967Warninglid School certificates1907
576Funeral of James Edwards at Slaugham church1907
367Tilgate lodge on Pease Pottage hill1907
2415Saillard family at Pease Pottage (1 of 2)1907
20Handcross Park, East Lodge1907
345Black Swan, Pease Pottage1907
364Tilgate Mansion1907
325Harvest Festival at St Mark's church, Staplefield1907
1238Handcross Band enters a band competition1907
680Buchan Hill, Pease Pottage1907
97Hoadley's Stores, Handcross1908
39Nymans main entrance1908
1239Handcross Band 19081908
513Stagecoach arriving at the Red Lion, Handcross1908
1149Handcross football team 19081908
514Waiting for the stagecoach at the Red Lion1908
2096South Lodge at Nymans1908
2368Charcoal burners in Balcombe Forest1908
2397Valderbilt stagecoach "Meteor" in Handcross1908
792Tyes Place, Staplefield1908
506School children at Handcross Park1908
2464Coachman at Slaugham Park1908
754The Warren, Horsham Road, Handcross1908
96Hoadley's Handcross1908
1647Handcross School 1908 (2 of 3) Boys1908
1646Handcross School 1908 (1 of 3) Boys1908
2434Sports Day at Red Lion Field, Handcross (5 of 6)1908
542The Red Lion, Handcross1908
1585Warninglid School photograph of Group 2 girls1909
951Warninglid school 19091909
1641George and Emma Wenham and the Dame's School 1909
1642George and Emma Wenham and the Dame's School1909
1376Handcross cricket team1909
11Map showing the second Handcross Park1909
2410Warninglid School - The girls 19091909
1972The first plane to fly the English Channel1909
225Slaugham Park1910
593East wall of Slaugham church1910
592Immaculate Slaugham churchyard 1910
415Batchelors Buildings, High Street, Handcross1910
288Best Love from Staplefield1910
299Staplefield Common1910
471Children outside Old White Horse, Slaugham1910
459The Fountain Inn, Handcross1910
455High Street, Handcross1910
1108Stoolball on Staplefield Common1910
320St Mark's church, Staplefield1910
291A puncture on Staplefield Common 1910
441Arthur Anscombe's shop in Handcross1910
476Staplefield Grange1910
324St Mark's church, Staplefield1910
409Baldnour Farm, Staplefield1910
407The Post Office and Stores, Warninglid1910
343Dencombe House1910
423Archpool in Handcross High Street1910
1843Horsham Road, Handcross. Entrance to Truggers1910
365Great hall at Tilgate mansion1910
442Car outside Robinson Bros, Handcross1910
254Portways Farm, Warninglid1910
578Lych gate at Slaugham church 1910
236Slaugham Place ruins1910
241Slaugham Place ruins1910
540Timber trailer in the High Street, Handcross1910
539Looking up the High Street from the Red Lion1910
538Early morning outside the Red Lion, Handcross1910
537Motor cars outside the Red Lion in Handcross1910
298Staplefield Common1910
1699Handcross Railway Station1910
228Farming at Slaugham Park1910
261The Grange, Warninglid1910
262The Grange, Warninglid1910
268Half Moon, Warninglid1910
275The Street, Warninglid1910
278The Street, Warninglid1910
279The Street, Warninglid1910
280The Street, Warninglid1910
515Horses in the Red Lion yard1910
696Gathering outside All Saints Church, Handcross1910
168Tilgate Forest Row, Pease Pottage1910
2305Ashfold House, Handcross (1 of 3)1910
130High Street, Handcross1910
158The Grapes, Pease Pottage1910
2263Alfred Swann, head gardener at Colwood, Warninglid1910
1433The lake at Free Chase, Warninglid1910
112High Street, Handcross1910
701Rabbit Hutches in the Horsham Road1910
814Dillions farmhouse, Handcross1910
144Florists shop in Horsham Road, Pease Pottage1910
146Bakery, Pease Pottage1910
150Post office, Pease Pottage1910
1491Mill Pond at Slaugham with boats1910
681Buchan Hill, Pease Pottage1910
2160West Lodge, Handcross and school children1910
2157Nymans: A climpse(sic) RHS visitors Dutch visitors1910
133F. Jackman, Baker - High Street, Handcross1910
1312Children in Horsham Road, Handcross1910
2500Bus and rail services for Handcross (2 of 2)1910
2494Handcross cricket team1910
1273The Half Moon, Hoggs Hill1910
2417Tester family (1 of 2)1910
46The lake at Nymans1910
49Old House, Nymans1910
125Mrs Jackman's shop - High Street, Handcross1910
64Ashfold house1910
746A gathering outside Highbury Cottages, Handcross1910
69Staplefield Road, Handcross1910
1317The moat at Slaugham Place ruins1910
1318The ruins of Slaugham Place1910
70Staplefield Road, Handcross1910
77Handcross Laundry, Brighton Road1910
2339How to erect a telegraph pole with ease.1910
820Captured badgers in Handcross1910
53The Hyde, Handcross1910
182Town centre, Pease Pottage1910
597Interior of Slaugham church1910
199Slaugham Green1910
2108Handcross High Street and Fountain Inn1910
2100Colwood House (2 of 2)1910
653Balcombe Lane and telegraph poles1910
654Balcombe Lane and low branches1910
193Bosworths, Slaugham1910
1569Red Lion, Handcross with people and postman1910
287Fond Greetings from Staplefield1911
336Staplefield school1911
472The Green and Old White Horse at Slaugham1911
1998The May Band at The Cottage, Dencombe1911
405Herrings Cottages, Warninglid1911
798Love from Handcross1911
1311West Lodge, Handcross Park1911
2042Horse and carriage at Denconbe house, Handcross1911
2243George Richard Jenner with draft horse1911
1327Gamekeeper outside Desmonds Castle, Handcross1912
816Rose Cottage, Staplefield1912
650Balcombe Lane at Gravelpit Corner1912
612Fishing competition at Slaugham Mill Pond1912
700The Rabbit Hutches, Horsham Road1912
290Chapel House, Staplefield1912
1316Rev. Albert Turreff, assistant clergyman Slaugham1912
2479The Rectory at Staplefield (3 of 5)1912
594Winter in Slaugham churchyard1912
2463The Tester family on Brighton beach1912
683Buchan Hill Lodge1912
33Fixtures card of High Beeches Cricket Club 19131913
501The pond at Staplefield Place1913
500Staplefield Place gardens1913
499Summer house at Staplefield Place1913
498The lawns at Staplefield Place1913
497The front entrance of Staplefield Place1913
1029Pease Pottage cricket fixtures card1913
114Tulley's Stores, Handcross1913
304Staplefield pond1913
477Pond at Staplefield Grange1913
718Staplefield Vicarage1913
328Quoits match at Staplefield1913
315Upper Common, Staplefield1913
113Tulley's Stores, Handcross1913
115Tulley's Stores, Handcross1913
1151Handcross football team 1913/14 1914
2065Tilgate mansion - The rear courtyard (2 of 2)1914
214The Green, Slaugham1914
823Handcross Volunteers (Home Guard) 19141914
759Stanbridge Farm1914
2418Tester family in WWI tableaux (2 of 2)1914
811Concert at the new Parish Hall, Handcross1914
300Staplefield Common1914
2435Sports Day at Red Lion Field, Handcross (6 of 6)1914
223The Carpenters Arms, Slaugham1914
237Slaugham Place ruins1914
251Warninglid - Brighton Road1914
473Old White Horse, Slaugham1915
204Kensett family of Slaugham1915
588Son et lumière in Slaugham churchyard1915
134High Street, Handcross1915
305Staplefield pond1915
74Staplefield Road and Brighton Road junction1915
140Horsham Road, Pease Pottage1915
302Staplefield Common1915
2373Church Lads Brigade - Audited Accounts (3 of 3)1915
1489Mill Pond at Slaugham with Mill Hill Farm1915
289Cuckfield Road, Staplefield1915
183Car outside the Black Swan, Pease Pottage1915
691Lovers' Walks, Cow Wood, Nymans1915
142Horsham Road, Pease Pottage1915
745Farm wagon in Horsham Road, Handcross1915
2011Pease Pottage army camp (7 of 10)1915
323St Mark's church, Staplefield1915
1860Slaugham Furnace Pond (2 of 11)1915
2478St Mark's church at Staplefield (2 of 5)1915
347Colwood Farmhouse, The Street, Warninglid1915
165Tilgate Forest Cottage, Pease Pottage1915
337Staplefield school1915
590Slaugham church in Technicolor1915
1493Mill Pond at Slaugham with man on bridge1915
1490Mill Pond at Slaugham with two men on the bridge1915
598Interior of Slaugham church and Covert tomb1915
50Cow Wood, Nymans1915
2066Jessamine Cottages, Handcross1915
543Crowd outside the Red Lion, Handcross1915
1309Pease Pottage camp newspaper store1915
2013Pease Pottage army camp (9 of 10)1915
1212Pease Pottage cricket team 19151915
1377Handcross cricket team1915
136High Street, Handcross1915
249Multi-view of Warninglid1915
135High Street, Handcross1915
631Greetings from Staplefield multiview1915
589Slaugham church in monochrome1915
1567Message on a 100-year-old Warninglid floorboard1915
793Tyes Place with lily pond, Staplefield1915
630Slaugham Manor and garden1915
716Riflemans Cottage, Warninglid1915
632Staplefield Post Office from the Common1915
507Handcross Park West Lodge1915
704Gang of boys in Horsham Road1915
703Laurel Cottage, Handcross1915
2014Pease Pottage army camp (10 of 10)1916
2007Pease Pottage army camp (3 of 10)1916
272Lydhurst, Warninglid1916
151Post Office, Pease Pottage1916
702Cyclist in Horsham Road, Handcross1916
2012Pease Pottage army camp (8 of 10)1916
2010Pease Pottage army camp (6 of 10) 1916
993Postcard sent during the Great War 1916
282Blacksmith, Warninglid1916
141Horsham Road, Pease Pottage1916
143Cattle in Horsham Road, Pease Pottage1916
996Woodhurst as a convalescent home1916
273Lydhurst, Warninglid1916
274Lydhurst, Warninglid1916
2005Pease Pottage army camp (1 of 10)1916
2006Pease Pottage army camp (2 of 10)1916
2008Pease Pottage army camp (4 of 10)1916
1310Soldiers outside the Tin Church, Pease Pottage1916
2009Pease Pottage army camp (5 of 10)1916
164Tilgate Forest Cottage Lodge, Pease Pottage1916
2213Henry Elliott outside Oakley Cottages1917
319St Mark's church, Staplefield1917
648Postcard from France 19171917
2146A forest road in Tilgate Forest1917
72Staplefield Road1918
1894Handcross Women's Institute programmes 19181918
61Ashfold house1918
62Ashfold house1918
614Staplefield Welcome Home Service and Supper1919
1148Handcross School football team1919
1093May Day Festival 1919 Staplefield1919
1122Handcross High Street1920
991Staplefield church interior1920
1378Handcross cricket team1920
687Cattle outside Snelling's butcher's shop1920
634Unknown gentleman from Handcross1920
1005Bowling Green behind the Red Lion1920
1016Jolly Tanners, Staplefield1920
502A pergola at Staplefield Place1920
660Balcombe Lane under the beech trees1920
1434Free Chase Farm1920
659Unknown man sitting under trees in Balcombe Lane1920
658Beech trees in Balcombe Lane1920
794Old Hall, Staplefield1920
1197The Street, Warninglid1920
668Mystery (now solved) sports pavilion1920
378John Cook, gamekeeper at Tilgate1920
1059Warninglid football team1920
1089Colwood Lodge, Warninglid1920
1090May Day Festival 1920 Staplefield1920
1091May Day Festival 1920 Staplefield1920
1092May Day Festival 1920 Staplefield 1920
596Matcham tomb at Slaugham church1920
413Chodds Tea Gardens1920
508Handcross Park Entrance Lodge1920
1403The crossroads beside Slaugham Furnace Pond1920
453W. Sutton, butcher of Handcross1920
548Bombardier Billy Wells at the Red Lion1920
595Matcham tomb at Slaugham church1920
451The Cyclist Rest, Handcross1920
467Fred Jackman's calendar1920
808Free Chase, Warninglid1920
753Horsham Road, Handcross north of Ashfold1920
1696Fire on Slaugham Common1920
438Robinson Bros shop in the High Street, Handcross1920
450Handcross High Street1920
722Tilgate Forest Lodge domestic staff1920
474German field gun at Old White Horse, Slaugham1920
412Chodds Tea Gardens1920
721Tilgate Forest Lodge estate staff1920
483Rifleman Inn at Warninglid1920
544A lone tree outside the Red Lion1920
1260Black Swan, Pease Pottage1920
1577Staplefield church viewed across the pond1920
1649Handcross School football team 19201920
938Stanbridge Grange, Staplefield1920
741Royal Oak in Handcross1920
822Slaugham Church Lads' Brigade1920
1295Slaugham Roll of Honour for the Great War 1914-181920
591Slaugham churchyard1920
265Post Office, Warninglid1920
2361East Lodge of Handcross Park in Balcombe Lane 1920
195The Green, Slaugham1920
229Slaugham Park drive1920
348Half Moon, Warninglid1920
22Handcross Park, East Lodge1920
21Handcross Park, East Lodge1920
232Slaugham Manor1920
1992Giles Loder of High Beeches with Spion Kop1920
252The Chestnuts, Warninglid1920
253Fridays Farm1920
2105May Day celebrations in Staplefield1920
264Post Office, Warninglid1920
32Four domestic staff of High Beeches1920
267Half Moon, Warninglid1920
334Jolly Tanners, Staplefield1920
284Blacksmith, Warninglid1920
1933Ivy Cottage and The Grapes in Pease Pottage1920
15Handcross Park1920
14Handcross Park1920
309Staplefield pond1920
13Handcross Park1920
310Staplefield pond1920
12Handcross Park1920
317Hill House Farm, Staplefield1920
1968The old garage in Handcross (3 of 4)1920
65Ashfold Cottages1920
2364Water tower at Handcross Park1920
355Hibbs & Sons, Handcross1920
73Staplefield Road and Brighton Road junction1920
75Staplefield Road and Brighton Road junction1920
82Handcross Hill1920
83Handcross Hill1920
2341Handcross Hill1920
101Masonic lodge at Red Lion1920
104Motor car in the High Street, Handcross1920
354Staplehurst newsagent, Handcross1920
353Albert Quick, High Street, Handcross1920
105Motor car in High Street, Handcross1920
231Slaugham Manor1920
2370Parish Lane, Pease Pottage and flint arrow heads1920
190Church Lads Brigade - Slaugham Company1920
139Buchan Hill Lodge, Pease Pottage1920
147Parish Lane1920
2189The Chestnuts, now Wealden House, in Warninglid1920
189Church Lads Brigade -Slaugham Company1920
35Clock tower at High Beeches1920
900St. Mary's church bells repair1921
1099May Day Festival 1921 Staplefield1921
2411Warninglid School c. 19211921
1115Handcross Park Cricket Club Challenge Cup 1921
1030Picnic at Pease Pottage cricket match1921
1586Warninglid football team1922
1541George Biggs and George Jenner at the Hyde1922
1094May Day Festival 1922 Staplefield1922
2132Handcross Orchestra -Tilgate Forest Lodge (6 of 6)1922
1152Handcross football fixtures card 1922/23 1922
292Staplefield war memorial1922
613Staplefield school stoolball team1922
301Staplefield Common1922
1095May Day Festival 1922 Staplefield1922
1097May Day Festival 1922 Staplefield1922
1098May Day Festival 1922 Staplefield1922
1096May Day Festival 1922 Staplefield1922
1062Betts Folly, Warninglid1923
1404Tyes Place, Staplefield1923
132High Street, Handcross1923
1061Warninglid cricket team 1923
308Staplefield pond1923
1431Mildred Clifton Nix of Tilgate and Free Chase1923
796Gilhams and Marions, Coos Lane1924
878Hoadlands Cottages, Handcross1924
1702Handley Page 1924
376Harvesting on the Tilgate Estate1924
2210Handcross Brass Band financial statement 19241924
234Slaugham Place1925
566Promotional booklet for Red Lion, Handcross1925
227Slaugham Park house1925
404The Street, Warninglid1925
403Pippin Cottage, Warninglid1925
571Slaugham church choir1925
233Slaugham Manor (formerly Slaugham Place)1925
2039Handcross boys cricket team1925
2033Antique item found in Handcross1925
266Half Moon, Warninglid1925
338Staplefield school football team1925
526Farthings, Handcross Road, Staplefield1925
509Handcross Park West Lodge1925
1989High Beeches house1925
1344High Beeches house and clock tower1925
1697Sad story of Samuel Whapham of the Rifleman Inn1925
1698Robert and Miriam Whapham in Police Court1925
1979George Tester and Ancient Order of Foresters1925
235Slaugham Place 1925
186Flower sellers at Pease Pottage1925
2179Frederick Bennett of Ashfold estate1925
137H. W. Elliott - High Street, Handcross1925
56The Hyde lake1925
138Rose & Oakley Cottages, High Street, Handcross1925
380Traffic on A23 at Pease Pottage1925
1268Staplefield cricket versus Westminster Abbey 1925
1504Samuel Whapham, Rifleman Inn (1 of 5)1925
1505Samuel Whapham, Rifleman Inn (2 of 5)1925
1506Samuel Whapham, Rifleman Inn (3 of 5) 1925
1507Samuel Whapham, Rifleman Inn (4 of 5)1925
217The Green, Slaugham1925
170Brighton Road, Pease Pottage1925
226Slaugham Park house1925
187Multi-view of Slaugham1925
1578The Old Rectory at Slaugham1925
1112Handcross Park Cricket Team 19251925
126High Street, Handcross1925
1598Anne Messel marries Ronald Armstrong-Jones1925
2067North Lodge, Ashfold1925
209Post office and stores, Slaugham1925
2319Country house staff, perhaps at Woodhurst1925
218The Green, Slaugham1925
627Hyde gamekeeper's cottage1925
1508Samuel Whapham, Rifleman Inn (5 of 5)1925
360PC Steve Message1925
1759Darkalley Pond at the Hyde in Handcross1925
81Handcross Hill1925
318Lych Gate, Staplefield church1925
1058George Langley of Betts Folly, Warninglid 1925
444Girl Guide headquarters in Handcross1925
369Tilgate stables1925
1913Chauffeur at Old Park, Warninglid1925
314Staplefield post office and stores1925
312Staplefield post office and stores1925
1153Handcross football team 1925/261926
1113Handcross Park cricket team 19261926
2128Handcross Choral and Orchestral Societies (2 of 6)1926
1364Slaugham cricket team1926
2112Zoar Strict Baptist chapel Sunday School outing1926
1269Staplefield cricket team 19261926
1684Woodhurst - The boat house on the Fish Pond1927
1683Woodhurst - The Fish Pond1927
371Tilgate chauffeur1927
377Charabanc outside the Black Swan, Pease Pottage1927
1682Woodhurst - The Lily Pond1927
1109Handcross school stoolball team1927
1257The Grapes, Pease Pottage1927
2045Beside the Cow Pond at Ashfold Farm1927
2320My Ladies' Bowl at Slaugham Furnace Pond (1 of 4)1927
2372Church Lads Brigade - Medals (2 of 3)1927
67Ashfold lake1927
1114Handcross Park cricket team 19271927
1258The Grapes, Pease Pottage1927
116Tulley's Stores, Handcross1928
2015Handcross Scouts summer camp at Pagham1928
2016Handcross Scouts family day at Pagham camp1928
2044Hancock family farming at Ashfold1928
2061The Brown family from Ashfold, Handcross1928
1767Handcross Girl Guides in camp (1 of 4)1928
1768Handcross Girl Guides in camp (2 of 4)1928
1214Pease Pottage cricketers enjoying a tea break1928
610Lily Warren and Eveline Warren at Chailey Heritage1928
1769Handcross Girl Guides in camp (3 of 4)1928
71Staplefield Road - Boots repaired1928
1322Handcross baby clinic1928
1261Charabancs at Black Swan, Pease Pottage1928
2222Too many Pease Pottage1928
1473Handcross Park cricket team1928
719Tilgate Forest Lodge, Pease Pottage1928
2172Handcross scout troop1928
1770Handcross Girl Guides in camp (4 of 4)1928
1686Woodhurst - The garden staff1928
1594Ethel Jupp with son, Jack1929
1262Harry Bourne, Pease Pottage cricket club1929
372Tilgate staff at Christopher Nix's 21st birthday1929
2228Auction sale of Colwood, Warninglid (3 of 4)1929
2501Ice skating in Pease Pottage (1 of 2)1929
2476St Mary's church at Slaugham (6 of 6)1929
120Quick's Garage, Handcross1929
2502The Mountains of Pease Pottage (2 of 2)1929
1997Multitude of mothers and children in Handcross1929
488Handcross Stoolball team 19291929
1157Pease Pottage cricket team 19291929
2261Handcross school dance group (1 of 2)1929
2227Auction sale of Colwood, Warninglid (2 of 4)1929
2260Handcross school stoolball team1929
2226Auction sale of Colwood, Warninglid (1 of 4)1929
2063Children playing about in the Cow Pond, Ashfold1929
2262Handcross school dance group (2 of 2)1929
29High Beeches1930
129High Street, Handcross1930
1263Gales in Pease Pottage1930
2245William and Elizabeth Tulley of Handcross1930
1492Mill Pond at Slaugham with three people1930
1215Pease Pottage cricket team 19301930
30High Beeches1930
1223Hill View Tea Rooms, Handcross1930
1980The Drewitts, Warninglid (1 of 2)1930
2064Tilgate mansion from about 1930 (1 of 2)1930
2240George and Rosa Biggs in High Street, Handcross1930
255Portways Farm, Warninglid1930
383Aerial view of Slaugham1930
59Hyde lake frozen over1930
2314The Brown family at Ashfold Lodge, Handcross1930
1474Cricket team of the Hyde estate in Handcross1930
1918Handcross people - John Tomsett and Elsie Mitchell1930
1766Policeman in Staplefield1930
1981The Drewitts, Warninglid (2 of 2)1930
148New Buildings, Parish Lane, Pease Pottage1930
1227Slaugham boy on bike1930
656Balcombe Lane "Granny Tree"1930
2259Handcross school netball team1930
651Balcombe Lane towards Handcross1930
2264Colwood, Warninglid, head gardener at work1930
755Horsham Road, Handcross and St Leonards Forest 1930
40The Great Hall at Nymans1930
38Nymans house from the lawns1930
37Nymans Handcross from the gardens1930
66Ashfold lake1930
2376Staplefield Scout Troop (3 of 3)1930
384Aerial view of Slaugham1930
879Sewage lorry1930
2446Wiliam "Pat" Tester and Rolls Royce (1 of 2)1930
157Busy Bee Restaurant, Pease Pottage1930
2Multi-View Postcard1930
156Busy Bee Restaurant, Pease Pottage1930
2363Handcross Park house1930
2375Staplefield Scout Troop (2 of 3)1930
34Queen Mary visits High Beeches1930
2374Staplefield Scout Troop (1 of 3) 1930
430Stoolball team at Staplefield school1930
1259Fruit seller at Pease Pottage1930
43The new lodge at Nymans1930
1144Saucy postcard from Warninglid1930
1685Woodhurst - Fishing on the Fish Pond1930
2371Church Lads Brigade - Gymnastics team (1 of 3)1930
2451Flower Show in Red Lion Field, Handcross (3 of 14)1930
311Staplefield pond1930
2399Pram race in Handcross High Street1930
1680Woodhurst - The disappearing rock garden (1 of 2)1930
429Staplefield School stoolball team1930
575Funeral of Philip Secretan at Slaugham church1930
574Funeral of Philip Secretan at Slaugham church1930
47The heather garden at Nymans1930
48The gardens at Nymans1930
1681Woodhurst - The disappearing rock garden (2 of 2)1930
519Hyde cricket team1930
248Multi-view of Warninglid1930
2396Athletics race in Handcross High Street 1930
511Handcross school1930
1990High Beeches forest, Handcross1930
2004Cheerio Cafe in Pease Pottage1930
809Free Chase, Warninglid aerial view1930
119Quick's Garage, Handcross1930
54The Hyde, Handcross1930
399Chodds Farm House1930
1461Haymaking at the Hyde, Handcross1930
1893Busy Bee Restaurant, Pease Pottage1930
1758Gardens at the Hyde Estate1930
1757Gardens at the Hyde Estate1930
28High Beeches1930
431Staplefield school around 19301930
400Chodds Farm House1930
1991High Beeches forest walks, Handcross1930
2232Boys' cricket match at Ashfold, Sussex (2 of 2)1931
2002Staff of Ashfold, Handcross (1 of 2)1931
621Handcross Bowling Club1931
2003Staff of Ashfold, Handcross (2 of 2)1931
1154Handcross football team 19311931
1308Quick's Garage blotter1931
2231Boys' cricket match at Ashfold, Sussex (1 of 2)1931
1213Pease Pottage cricket club fixtures card 19311931
1444Colonel Messel of Nymans, and Ward's Stores1932
1155Handcross football team 19321932
2447William "Pat" Tester and Rolls Royce (2 of 2)1932
1599Tony and Susan Armstrong-Jones on Nymans pergola1932
1609Country Life visits Nymans (3 of 3)1932
2129Handcross Choral and Orchestral Societies (3 of 6)1932
1528Tilgate Lake island cleared by Nix family1932
1270Staplefield cricket team c.19321932
2250Show and sports day at Handcross 1932 (2 of 2)1932
1240Handcross Band 19321932
1995Folk Dancing Festival at Nymans, Handcross1932
381The Great Hall at Nymans1932
2246Handcross show and sports day 1932 (1 of 2)1932
1526Tilgate Lake bridge built by Nix family1932
1607Country Life visits Nymans (1 of 3)1932
503Hyde cricket team1932
1527Tilgate stream cleaned by Nix family1932
1608Country Life visits Nymans (2 of 3)1932
1432Mildred Nix and family of Tilgate and Free Chase1933
2384Dancing girls in Handcross1933
220The Green, Slaugham1933
2388Girl buglers and dancers in Parish Hall, Handcross1933
370Tilgate stables1933
2001Picnic by the Hyde lake1933
812East Park, Handcross1933
1174Shakespeare Society 1933
825Handcross British Legion 1933
1477Hyde cricket club, Handcross 19331933
1173Shakespeare Society 1933
1671Dances (1 of 6) - Railway Hotel, Crawley1934
2325The Doggett family of Handcross1934
2021William Doggett, basketmaker of Handcross (1 of 2)1934
2022William Doggett, basketmaker of Handcross (2 of 2)1934
2023Staplefield & Slaugham Horticultural Soc. (1 of 2)1934
1165Shakespeare Society "Merchant of Venice"1934
194Chantry House, Slaugham1934
1164Shakespeare Society "Merchant of Venice"1934
205Rock Cottage, Slaugham1934
1924Warninglid School prize band 1934
60The Hyde drive1934
5Aerial view of Handcross High Street1935
368Tilgate lodge at Three Bridges1935
2256Fancy dress event in Handcross in 1930s1935
2360Handcross Park - The fire of 19351935
2412Warninglid School report 19351935
1462Colonel Warren's prize-winning cattle1935
2203Ancient Britons from Handcross1935
622Handcross ladies at mystery event1935
2419Slaugham Place ruins (1 of 4)1935
2420Slaugham Place ruins (2 of 4)1935
2169James W. Brown, chauffeur at Ashfold, Handcross1935
2421Slaugham Place ruins (3 of 4)1935
1145Aerial picture of fire at Handcross Park1935
732Garden at Brook Cottage, Slaugham1935
16Handcross Park on fire1935
2422Slaugham Place ruins (4 of 4)1935
321St Mark's church, Staplefield1935
484Rifleman Inn at Warninglid1935
1748Handcross Women's Institute in fancy dress 1935
2201Fancy dress game of stoolball1935
2212Hyde estate cricket team, Handcross 1935
1475The Hyde cricket team from Handcross1935
2170Arthur Brown and Rolls Royce at Hyde, Handcross1935
2200Men's stoolball game in fancy dress1935
827Deer hunt in Pease Pottage1935
826A shooting party 1935
1731Silver Jubilee of King George V1935
1146Aerial picture of fire at Handcross Park1935
2056Woodhill House, Warninglid1935
206Motor cars in Slaugham1935
1004Signpost outside Chodds Cottages1935
1595Percy Jupp from Warren Cottages, Handcross1935
260Warninglid church1935
580Slaugham church viewed from the vilage1935
624Handcross Park ablaze1935
259Warninglid church1935
373Armoured cars at Tilgate1935
1760Christmas card from the Hyde, Handcross1935
607Haymaking in the cricket field, Handcross1935
31Aerial view of High Beeches1935
625Handcross Park aerial view of fire1935
394The walled garden at Nymans1935
2265Generator at Colwood, Warninglid1935
27High Beeches1935
2367Fire and burglary and Handcross Park1935
386Slaugham cricket team1935
387Slaugham cricket ground1935
517Stagecoach outside the Red Lion1935
529Outing to shipyard1935
2114Handcross Youth Club1935
2017Handcross Fancy Dress party1935
795Coos Lane, Handcross1935
633Report of fire at Handcross Park1935
1365Coarse fishing at Slaugham1935
185Buses outside the Black Swan1935
1888Mothers Union at Handcross1935
1123The Granny Tree, Balcombe Lane, Handcross1935
3Multi-View Postcard1935
346The Chequers, Slaugham1935
2024Staplefield & Slaugham Horticultural Soc. (2 of 2)1936
1600Anne, Countess of Rosse, and Oliver Messel1936
1476Hyde cricket club versus Royal Sussex Regiment1936
1478Hyde cricket club, Handcross 19361936
1470Staplefield Parish Magaziine 19361936
940New bowling green, Handcross1936
604Appeal for electricity supply at Slaugham church1936
2298Auction 1936 (4 of 8) - Chodds and Old House1936
941New bowling green, Handcross1936
184Car park full at Black Swan, Pease Pottage1936
733Coaches outside the Black Swan, Pease Pottage1936
2270Gardening trophy for Handcross School1936
1742Coronation of George VI - Britiah Empire1937
1747Coronation of George VI - Toddlers' race1937
1746Coronation of George VI - Council lorry and men1937
1745Coronation of George VI - Wheelbarrow and football1937
1734Coronation of George VI - Tulleys Stores1937
1743Coronation of George VI - Parade of prams1937
2290Fiveways, Warninglid properties for sale1937
963Tilgate Forest Cottage Lodge1937
117Tulley's Stores - Coronation display1937
1744Coronation of George VI - Bicycle and scooter1937
707Warren Cottages celebrate the coronation1937
939Stanbridge Grange, Staplefield1937
2391Green World, Hazeldean estate, Warninglid (2 of 2)1937
2390Green World, Hazeldean estate, Warninglid (1 of 2)1937
439Robinson Bros shop decorated for coronation1937
818Hazeldean Farm, Warninglid1937
819Hazeldean Farm, Warninglid1937
1735Coronation of George VI -Procession in High Street1937
2236George & Charlie Jenner in High Street, Handcross1937
1368Pease Pottage cricket team1937
2098Butchers shop decorated for coronation (2 of 2)1937
1737Coronation of George VI -Parade and telephone box 1937
1736Coronation of George VI -Procession in High Street1937
127Coronation - High Street, Handcross1937
1479Hyde cricket club, Handcross 19371937
1147Programme of Mowatt Cup final replay1937
1733Coronation of George VI - Tulleys Stores1937
414Aerial photo Handcross 19371937
1741Coronation of George VI - Coronation Spirit1937
608Coronation of George VI at Handcross1937
1738Coronation of George VI - Floats in the parade1937
609Coronation of George VI at Handcross 1937
1739Coronation of George VI - Britannia arrives1937
128Coronation - High Street, Handcross1937
1624Rev. Jacomb-Hood officiates at wedding 1937
615Handcross footballers win the Mowatt Cup1937
1740Coronation of George VI - Ralph Tulley1937
2097Butchers shop decorated for coronation (1 of 2)1937
1732Coronation of George VI - Tulleys Stores1937
1426Pease Pottage cricket team1938
2244Francis & Katie Biggs at Edwinscot, Pease Pottage1938
1427Pease Pottage cricketers at rest1938
1453Pease Pottage cricketers at the Grapes1938
15441st Slaugham Scout Troup in March 19381938
1405Tennis cup for ladies singles tournament1938
2103Handcross W.I. Shakespeare Society "The Tempest"1938
1554Poyningshurst, Coos Lane, Slaugham1938
1275Handcross Civil Defence Service1938
1561Hyde cricket team at Handcross1938
2166Constance Doggett with new bicycle at the Hyde1938
876Cosens family in the Recreation Ground1938
2452Flower Show in Red Lion Field, Handcross (4 of 14)1938
1156Handcross football team 19381938
1993Handcross buyer and seller at livestock market1938
510Lane to Hoadlands beside Handcross school1938
1813Archaeologists visit Covert tomb Slaugham church1938
271Home Farm, Warninglid1938
1571Red Lion in Handcross promotional booklet1938
599Interior of Slaugham church and war memorial1939
959Dance in the Parish Hall, Handcross1939
1175Shakespeare Society "Much Ado About Nothing"1939
1347Col. Giles Loder at Epsom races1939
1340Staplefield Men's Club social event1939
2498Public library in Handcross1939
2127Handcross Choral and Orchestral Societies (1 of 6)1939
169Gate Lodge, Tilgate Forest Lodge, Pease Pottage1939
1425Pease Pottage cricket club take on Crawley1939
17Handcross Park1940
1143Mystery lane in Warninglid1940
1562William Biggs and his Francis Barnett motorcycle1940
2167New Austin car for Ashfold estate1940
18Handcross Park1940
58The Hyde lake1940
55The Hyde, Handcross1940
2425West Park Golf Club, Handcross1940
19Handcross Park1940
1276The Local Defence Volunteers1940
1206Deer shot on Tilgate estate1940
1428The end of Pease Pottage cricket club1940
1286Pease Pottage in the Second World War1940
1121Handcross Park terrace1940
1117Handcross Minstrels1940
1118Handcross Minstrels concert programme1940
1285Staplefield Auxiliary Unit Patrol 1940
2493Bill and Bert Robinson (2 of 2)1940
875Cosens family in the Recreation Ground1940
666Dencombe House and sundial1940
2358Grandad's Army of Pease Pottage - Bill Shopland1940
1400Message to Countess of Rosse at Nymans, Handcross1940
145Blue Star Garage, Pease Pottage1940
454Cobblers shop in Handcross High Street1940
2120William Doggett in Handcross Home Guard1940
1896Handcross Women's Institute fancy dress party1940
1392Police of the Haywards Heath Division1940
2268Deer shoot at Pease Pottage1940
1895Handcross Women's Institute annual sale 1940
1897Handcross Women's Institute badges & members card1941
1959Factory workers at Warninglid Grange in WWII1941
1429St Mary's Slaugham monthly magazine1941
1943Slaugham Parish magazine for October 19411941
1430Baptism certificate at All Saints, Handcross1942
2286HMS Woodcock adopted by Slaugham Parish (1 of 2)1942
1678Kitty Jenner and George Jenner1942
1978Fishermen at the Furnace Pond, Slaugham1942
824Handcross Home Guard1942
2130Handcross Choral and Orchestral Societies (4 of 6)1942
1370Bomber Command crews prepare for an operation1943
322St Mark's church, Staplefield1943
642Land Army girls in Handcross1943
1348High Beeches house damaged by Halifax bomber1943
1349High Beeches house damaged by Halifax bomber1943
1350High Beeches house damaged by Halifax bomber1943
1351High Beeches damaged by Halifax bomber 1943
639Wartime Christmas card from Africa1943
1451Pease Pottage cricketers in Italy1943
1414Chownes Mead Maternity Unit1943
1369New evidence of the Halifax disaster 1943
2326Mid-Sussex Special Constabulary on parade (1 of 5)1943
1416Leaflet from Halifax bomber at High Beeches1943
1413Baptism at All Saints Church, Handcross1943
391Evacuees from Buckingham Gate school at Nymans1943
1294Handcross Auxiliary Fire Service 1939-451944
1718St Martin des Besaces in WWII (2 of 4)1944
1719St Martin des Besaces in WWII (3 of 4)1944
1717St Martin des Besaces in WWII (1 of 4)1944
1720St Martin des Besaces in WWII (4 of 4)1944
640Pease Pottage Home Guard1944
2287HMS Woodcock adopted by Slaugham Parish (2 of 2)1944
1357V1 Flying Bomb and map of Mid and East Sussex1944
533Plane landed on Handcross golf course1944
628Chownes Mead maternity unit1944
877Children playing beside the fountain1945
2359Evacuees from Buckingham Gate School to Handcross1945
688Auction at Brook Cottage, Slaugham1945
385Aerial view of Slaugham1945
316Holly Cottages, Staplefield1945
925Thanksgiving for Victory Order of Service1945
1530Nursing Association gathering at Hyde, Handcross1945
763Stanbridge Cottage1945
772Warninglid Home Guard 1940-451945
1999Nursing clinic at the Hyde in Handcross1945
2413Stagecoach at Chequers Inn in Slaugham1945
1688Slaugham Park - Miss Hilary Preston and horse1945
960Dance in the Parish Hall, Handcross1945
1597Truckers Hatch Cottages, Handcross1945
1053Stagecoach at Red Lion, Handcross1945
545Parking outside the Red LIon, Handcross1945
739Deer shoot at Pease Pottage1945
532Mothers and their babies in Handcross1945
379George Cook of Tilgate1945
1241Handcross Band 19461946
921St Mark's Parish Magazine1946
1225Slaugham warriors welcomed home1946
1415Baptism at St Mark's Church, Staplefield1946
629Miss Fortune Smith marries1946
638Baby parade to celebrate VE Day1946
210Post office and stores, Slaugham1946
1480Shakespeare Society - Unknown play1946
1553Pease Pottage Home Guard celebrates1946
773Warninglid Home Guard1946
1963Slaugham Post Office and stores in the snow1946
1534Children's Christmas party in Parish Hall1946
1445The disastrous fire of Nymans house 1947
1296Handcross Home Guard reunion1947
445Handcross W. I. "Mrs Grundy comes to tea"1947
1921"Dig for Victory" on the Hyde Estate, Handcross1947
1655Staplefield cricket tean 19471947
924Pony Club trials at the Hyde1947
1447The disastrous fire of Nymans house1947
1448The disastrous fire of Nymans house1947
647Christmas card from Lower Ashfold1947
1454Truggers in Handcross welcomes its first family1947
1471Warninglid Rogationtide Procession 1947
2472St Mary's church at Slaugham (2 of 6)1947
678Vera Sutton School of Dancing at the Parish Hall1947
1211Sleeping Beauty pantomime in Handcross1947
637Icicle in Handcross High Street1947
620Handcross Youth Club1947
1898Handcross Women's Inst "Mrs Grundy comes to tea" 1947
1514Handcross Band1947
943Handcross Youth Club1947
1446The disastrous fire of Nymans house1947
1486Handcross Youth Club membership card 1948
1485Gymnastic display by Handcross Youth Club1948
1483Handcross Women's Institute programme for 19481948
1178Shakespeare Society "Twelfth Night"1948
2029Handcross Motor Sports Club (2 of 2)1948
1531Nursing Association gathering at Handcross1948
2028Handcross Motor Sports Club (1 of 2)1948
1752Staplefield cricketers at the Jolly Tanners1948
2483Fete at Lydhurst in Warninglid1948
15451st Slaugham Scouts win the Hardy Cup1948
1588Handcross cricket team 19481948
1876Graftons, Warninglid1948
777Handcross Youth Club in Recreation Ground1948
776Handcross Youth Club in Recreation Ground1948
775Boy Scouts at summer camp 1948
1036Stagecoach arrives at the Red Lion, Handcross1948
760Stanbridge Farm1948
1456New residents of Truggers, Handcross1948
1232Five Cross Ways Garage, Warninglid1948
2488Nursing Association annual meeting at Parish Hall1948
1916Birthday party at "Southdown", Handcross1948
1289Ashfold Farmhouse, Handcross1948
962Maypole dancing in Handcross recreation ground1948
1535Children's Christmas party in Parish Hall1948
1224British Legion parade at Slaugham1948
1537Children's Christmas party in Parish Hall1949
1536Children's Christmas party in Parish Hall1949
966Dedication of War Memorial at St Mary's1949
1589Handcross football team 19491949
2171Warren family at the Hyde estate, Handcross1949
1874Birthday party in Handcross1949
1288Bells Farmhouse, Warninglid1949
1922"Dig for Victory" at Slaugham1949
1909Scouts Guides Cubs in parade at Handcross (1 of 2)1949
1455Children in the newly-built Truggers, Handcross 1949
1689Royal Oak, Handcross - Bernard Miles on his bike1949
1797Handcross Flower Show 19491949
1790The fox hunt meets in Slaugham1949
1587Handcross Motor Sports Club1949
686Staff of the Black Swan, Pease Pottage1949
1630Council report - Pease Pottage businesses (2 of 5)1950
1184Shakespeare Society "Merchant of Venice"1950
341Staplefield school treat1950
1629Council report - Pease Pottage businesses (1 of 5)1950
1810Tree felled in Horsham Road, Handcross1950
1805Maypole dancing in Handcross Recreation Ground1950
2467Tulley's Post Office Stores, Handcross (2 of 5)1950
579Lych gate at Slaugham church1950
1625Drawing of St. Mary's church, Slaugham1950
221Carpenters Arms Cottages, Slaugham1950
219The Green, Slaugham1950
215The Green, Slaugham1950
1101Old Haslings Hotel, Warninglid1950
396Handcross W. I. Shakespeare Society1950
349Plaque for evacuees, Nymans1950
390Head gardener at Nymans1950
389Opening of the Staplefield cricket pavilion1950
2455British Legion fete in Handcross (7 of 14)1950
1814Handcross British Legion Fete 19501950
2471St Mary's church at Slaugham (1 of 6)1950
2477St Mark's church at Staplefield (1 of 5)1950
1051Warninglid school1950
1050The Street, Warninglid1950
1049Home Farm, Warninglid1950
1048The Street, Warninglid1950
1047Half Moon, Warninglid1950
1046Half Moon, Warninglid1950
1045Post Office Stores, Warninglid1950
1633Council report - Pease Pottage businesses (5 of 5)1950
1775Princess Elizabeth visits Crawley and Broadfield1950
528Mystery derelict house1950
1183Shakespeare Society "Merchant of Venice"1950
1974Handcross Social Club "Members Night"1950
2484Balcombe Lane, Handcross with horse and cart1950
1044Crossroads in Warninglid1950
1724Marbles Championship- Handcross Bulldogs (1 of 7) 1950
277The Street, Warninglid1950
1043Colwood Lodge, Warninglid1950
1761Gardener at the Hyde, Handcross1950
1052Stagecoach with RAC patrolman1950
1631Council report - Pease Pottage businesses (3 of 5)1950
546Cars outside the Red Lion, Handcross1950
1632Council report - Pease Pottage businesses (4 of 5)1950
2214Multi-page postcard showing views of Handcross1950
42The dovecote, Nymans1950
2490Bill and Bert Robinson (1 of 2)1950
152Cheerio Cafe, Pease Pottage1950
2383George Cook with peaches from Tilgate mension1950
57The Hyde lake1950
166Tilgate Forest Row, Pease Pottage1950
661Balcombe Lane approach East Lodge1950
155Richardson's Garage, Pease Pottage1950
154Richardson's Garage, Pease Pottage1950
153Cheerio Cafe, Pease Pottage1950
2121Church View Cottage, Slaugham1950
1420Handcross School with one studious boy1950
1305A tribute to Colonel Messel of Nymans1950
1436Cottages in The Street, Warninglid1950
1482Shakespeare Society - Unknown play1950
361PC Steve Message in the garden at the Police House1950
1468Walter Biggs and Jim Longhurst1950
1467Walter Biggs and his roller1950
697Captain Eric Smith of Lower Ashfold1950
710Car and van in Horsham Road, Handcross1950
1452Charles Arthur Songhurst1950
1291Laundry at Lower Ashfold, Slaugham1950
706Warren Cottages, Navidale and Chantonbury1950
685Geoff Bridges and Charles Fiveash1950
1324British Legion dinner and entertainment1950
1363Boxall and Collins garage in Handcross1950
649Nashlands Farm1950
2106Handcross British Legion fete (1 of 2)1950
2107Handcross British Legion fete (2of 2)1950
619Ashfold estate workers and map of estate1950
2454British Legion fete in Handcross (6 of 14)1950
942Holmsted Manor, Staplefield1950
2453Flower Show in Recreation Ground (5 of 14)1950
1548Scouts at British Legion fete1950
2313Ashfold School, Handcross (2 of 2)1950
36The coach houses at High Beeches1950
1481Shakespeare Society - Unknown play1950
1596Building works at Nymans following the 1947 fire1950
988Naylands, Slaugham1950
41Nymans in ruins1950
1560The Hyde at Handcross aerial view1950
1727Handcross Bulldogs marbles team (4 of 7)1951
1277Sir Gordon Richards at Carthorse Derby 1951 1951
2218Scouts parade in Handcross High Street1951
1725The Atomic Thumb - Handcross Bulldogs (2 of 7)1951
1910Scouts Guides Cubs in parade at Handcross (2 of 2)1951
1323British Legion presentation to Ralph Tulley1951
1621Bernie and Colin Miles on a Sunday School outing1951
662Balcombe Lane and East Lodge1951
131High Street, Handcross1951
2271Handcross school in sports competition1951
1192Shakespeare Society "Much Ado About Nothing" 1951
1191Shakespeare Society "Much Ado About Nothing" 1951
605Induction of Rev. E. Bradbrooke at Slaugham church1951
2075Village shop at Warninglid1951
1862Slaugham Furnace Pond (4 of 11)1952
1816Scout team at Marbles Championship (2 of 11)1952
709Warren Cottages, Handcross1952
1815Scout team at Marbles Championship (1 of 11)1952
778St George's Day Parade1952
1817Scout team at Marbles Championship (3 of 11)1952
2272A senior class at Handcross School1952
395Handcross W. I. Shakespeare Society1952
1798Handcross school - Sliding on the ice1952
1899Handcross Women's Institute entertainment 1952
1884Ist Slaugham Cubs from Handcross (2 of 5)1952
744Staplefield School teachers and pupils1952
1994Brownie pack from Handcross1952
2043Handcross Social Club outing1952
527Carthorse Derby at Handcross1952
1546Scouts of the 1st Slaugham Troop1952
1006Handcross Bowling Club annual dinner1952
1622Colin Miles in Truggers1952
1661Barn Close development in Pease Pottage1952
1701Rev. A. P. Cameron of St. Mary's, Slaugham1952
1726Handcross Bulldogs marbles team 1952 (3 of 7)1952
1278Carthorse Derby at Handcross 19521952
1457Slaugham Parish Council matters 1840-19521952
1208Dances in the Parish Hall, Handcross1952
547Cars parked at the Red Lion, Handcross1952
886Coronation Parade with the crown 1953
969Slaugham scouts win marbles trophy1953
890Coronation Parade with Handcross Brass Band1953
936Handcross School handicrafts1953
968British and World Marbles Championships1953
891Coronation Parade with the Queen1953
889Coronation Parade with Women's Institute1953
2487Slaugham Parish magazine from 19531953
887Coronation Parade with the Armed Services1953
1070Coronation Queen 19531953
885Coronation Parade 1953
884Coronation Parade with tractor1953
486Coronation of Queen Elizabeth celebration1953
1764Queen's coronation 19531953
1763Queen's coronation 19531953
888Coronation Parade with Britannia1953
2038Ted Cosens on motorbike in Truggers1953
1346A picnic in Balcombe Forest1953
1776Coronation day Handcross (1 of 4) Armed Services 1953
1800Handcross British Legion cricket team1953
1728Handcross Bulldogs marbles team (5 of 7)1953
2019Warninglid School 19531953
1750Pease Pottage featured in local newspaper1953
1778Coronation procession (3 of 4) - Brass band1953
2336Five Cross Ways roadworks, Warninglid1953
1779Video of Coronation procession (4 of 4)1953
2215Coronation day 2nd June 1953 in Handcross1953
2155Coronation commemorative plate 19531953
1656Staplefield cricket team 19531953
1549Scouts attend St George's Day parade1953
1163Warninglid film show1953
1777Coronation day Handcross (2 of 4) The crown 1953
2497Handcross featured in local newspaper1953
2273Handcross School cricket team1953
2312Ashfold School in Handcross (1 of 2)1953
1765Coronation commemorative plates1953
1870Bye-laws of Slaugham Common and Furnace Pond1953
1222Shakespeare Society "The Winter's Tale"1953
1912Coronation Parade in Handcross1953
1844Scout team at Marbles Championship (4 of 12)1953
1729Arthur Chamberlain - Marbles Champion (6 of 7)1954
1326British Legion dinner and entertainment1954
1325British Legion social at Staplefield1954
1035"Red Rover" stagecoach in Handcross1954
2274A class of 29 pupils at Handcross School1954
1550Concert performed by the youth of Handcross 1954
2282Handcross School infants class 19541954
1532Sister Warner retires as District Nurse1954
433Handcross Sunday School outing1954
1538Children's Christmas party in Parish Hall1954
2275Staff of Handcross School in 19541954
2366Church Fete at Handcross Park1954
2139New street lighting for Slaugham (1 of 3)1954
1657Staplefield cricket club's sight screens1954
1801Handcross British Legion cricket cup match1954
392Nymans handed over to National Trust1954
2439R.I.P. Mrs Effie Mary Wellington (1935-2019) 1954
1845Scout Team at Marbles Championship (5 of 12)1954
1973Father Christmas visits Handcross!1954
1771Handcross Girl Guides in a play 1954
1603National Trust take over Nymans gardens1954
1071British Legion Beauty Queen 19541954
2140New street lighting for Slaugham (2 of 3)1954
964Handcross Horticultural Show1954
2020Warninglid School 19541954
1328British Legion dinner and entertainment1954
1579Whalebone Lodge, Pease Pottage (1 of 2)1955
207The Green, Slaugham1955
1242Handcross Band offers tuition to new recruits1955
2173Staplefield football team1955
2294Staplefield criicket century-makers (2 of 2)1955
1229Shakespeare Society "As You Like It"1955
1730Handcross Rebels win barrel of beer (7 of 7)1955
1228Shakespeare Society "As You Like It"1955
1753Staplefield cricketers at The Victory1955
1226Slaugham Park evacuees1955
1658Staplefield cricket club v. E. G. Slesinger's XI1955
1299Handcross Home Guard in training1955
1945Handcross stoolball team (1 of 4)1955
1847Scout team at Marbles Championship (7 of 12)1955
1951Postmen in the sorting room in Handcross1955
1463Col. Warren's prize-winning cattle1955
530British Legion dinner1955
524The Gate Lodge, Tilgate Forest Lodge1955
679Upstairs Downstairs play at the Parish Hall1955
1329President of Handcross British Legion resigns1955
1072British Legion Beauty Queen 19551955
1846Scout team at Marbles Championship (6 of 12)1955
2057Herbert (Sonny) Cooper1955
1337Handcross British Legion reunion1955
216The Green, Slaugham1955
1297Handcross Home Guard tactical training1955
2400Scouts, Cubs, Guides, and Brownies concert 1955
731Brook Cottage, Slaugham1955
440Handcross Players perform The Wishing Well1955
339Staplefield school1955
1298Handcross Home Guard in the mess 1955
1265Lorry accident at Coopers Wood, Handcross1955
1911Horse and wagon in Truggers, Handcross1955
2277Handcross School sports day1956
1868Slaugham Furnace Pond (10 of 11)1956
1849Scout team at Marbles Championship (9 of 12)1956
1850Scout team at Marbles Championship (10 of 12)1956
581Slaugham church with car parked outside1956
770Dismal Castle, Handcross1956
1848Scout team at Marbles Championship (8 of 12)1956
1946Handcross stoolball team (2 of 4)1956
1524Tabogganing at Cow Wood, Handcross1956
1802Handcross British Legion cricket cup match1956
636Handcross school in the classroom1956
17991st Slaugham Scouts at Sandringham jamboree1956
676Roberts House in the High Street, Handcross1956
611Tree clearance at Pease Pottage1956
447The Handcross Players perform "Bonaventure"1956
1867Slaugham Furnace Pond (9 of 11)1956
1552Scouts presentation to Mrs Warren1956
2074Scouts, Guides, Cubs and Brownies in Parish Hall1956
1525Handcross school football team1956
1345Carthorses at High Beeches1956
2480Staplefield church organist (4 of 5)1956
1015Memorial service for Col. J. R. Warren1956
1659Staplefield youth cricket match1956
2405Handcross Scouts' Corps de Ballet (1 of 2)1956
2406Handcross Scouts' Corps de Ballet (2 of 2)1956
1660Staplefield cricket team versus Ashfold School1956
1073British Legion Beauty Queen 19561956
1162Handcross Girl Guides1956
2457Conservative Assoc. fete at Handcross (9 of 14)1956
2456Church fete at Handcross Park (8 of 14)1956
899Staplefield Ladies Football Team1957
1330A speech at the annual British Legion dinner1957
1773Party for Scouts, Guides, Cubs, Brownies (2 of 2)1957
1539Sunday School party for Pease Pottage & Handcross1957
1674Dances (4 of 6) - Stoolball Club dance1957
2428Men versus ladies football at Staplefield1957
1333British Legion dinner in the Parish Hall1957
1851Scout team at Marbles Championship (11 of 12)1957
1811Stoolball match - Staplefield cricketers v ladies 1957
1915Sports day at Handcross School1957
1610A by-pass for Pease Pottage1957
1937Bill Hussey jar-fishing at lake on the Hyde estate1957
1332British Legion dinner in the Parish Hall 1957
1772Party for Scouts, Guides, Cubs, Brownies (1 of 2) 1957
2381Babes in the Wood pantomime at Handcross (2 of 2)1957
1672Dances (2 of 6) - Rock 'n' Roll comes to Handcross1957
2380Babes in the Wood pantomime at Handcross (1 of 2)1957
2141New street lighting for Slaugham (3 of 3)1957
2440Arthur and Valerie Shopland planning their wedding1957
1751Staplefield cricket club versus Walt Disney team1957
1026"The Women Have Their Way" Handcross Players1957
15471st Slaugham Scouts at summer camp1957
487Handcross band playing carols1957
1673Dances (3 of 6) - Rock 'n' Roll comes to Handcross1957
2280Handcross School sports day 1957 (3 of 4)1957
2284Handcross headmaster Mr Scofield retires (2 of 2)1957
1871Slaugham Angling Club (1 of 2)1957
2071Scouts tackle the First Class Hike1957
2283Handcross headmaster Mr Scofield retires (1 of 2)1957
20731st Slaugham Scouts fete1957
1017Comic football match at Staplefield1957
2281Handcross School sports day 1957 (4 of 4)1957
2481Staplefield church induction (5 of 5)1957
570Remembrance Day at Slaugham Church1957
2279Handcross School sports day 1957 (2 of 4)1957
572Slaugham choir trip to Chichester cathedral1957
2278Handcross School sports day 1957 (1 of 4)1957
1412Handcross scouts1957
1883Ist Slaugham Cubs from Handcross (1 of 5)1957
881Handcross Primary School, Christmas Party1957
2041Ted & Elsie Cosens outside their home in Truggers1957
1074British Legion Beauty Queen 19571957
2143Handcross CP school sports day 1958 (2 of 2)1958
2289Fire at Cottesmore School, Pease Pottage1958
1065Stagecoach in Handcross High Street1958
188Multi-view of Slaugham1958
1551Scout camp at Branscombe, Devon1958
2162The old Tin Church in Pease Pottage1958
2142Handcross CP school sports day 1958 (1 of 2)1958
512Subway at Handcross school1958
2069Opening of scout headquarters (1 of 2)1958
1977Handcross Motor Sports Club (2 of 2)1958
1976Handcross Motor Sports Club (1 of 2)1958
1650Pease Pottage children's party1958
1334British Legion dinner in the Parish Hall1958
1068Stagecoach arriving at Red Lion1958
1302The new bridge, Handcross, with excavator1958
1543"Ladies in Retirement" Handcross & Dist. Players1958
2072Ist Slaugham Scout Troop1958
1266Sheltering from the rain at Handcross Gymkhana1958
1067Horseless stagecoach at Handcross1958
1066Red Rover stagecoach at Red Lion1958
1304The new bridge at Handcross1958
1303The new bridge, Handcross1958
1075British Legion Beauty Queen 19581958
1301The new bridge, Handcross1958
434Handcross school sports day1958
1852Scout team at Marbles Championship (12 of 12)1958
2499Southdown bus service in Handcross (1 of 2)1958
1194Slaugham ashes story in Daily Express1958
1754Staplefield cricketers ar Stone Court1958
1886Ist Slaugham Cubs from Handcross (4 of 5)1958
1887Ist Slaugham Cubs from Handcross (5 of 5)1958
2492Construction of Handcross bypass1958
1755Staplefield cricket Supper at the Victory Inn1958
1207Hula Hoop arrives in Handcross1958
1458Slaugham Parish Council matters 1958-19641958
1952Baby clinic in Handcross Recreation Ground1958
1774Phyllis Benn honoured by the Guide movement1958
1956Bridge over the A23 at Handcross1958
2070Opening of scout headquarters (2 of 2)1958
684Handcross football team1958
1885Ist Slaugham Cubs from Handcross (3 of 5)1959
1338Handcross British Legion reunion1959
689The bridge in Handcross1959
2408St George's Day Parade-1st Slaugham Troop (2 of 3)1959
1076British Legion Beauty Queen 19591959
2407St George's Day Parade-1st Slaugham Troop (1 of 3)1959
1385Handcross stoolball team1959
525Wellingtonias at Handcross Park 1959
2409St George's Day Parade-1st Slaugham Troop (3 of 3)1959
2292Staplefield cricket team 8-28 bowling performance1959
2402Handcross Scouts explore Europe (1 of 2)1959
2291Staplefield cricketers coached at County Ground1959
2403Handcross Scouts explore Europe (2 of 2)1959
1393Handcross Social Club darts team1959
1900Handcross Women's Institute cake-cutting1959
1219Slaugham wins Best Kept Village competition1959
432Church Fete at the Recreation Ground, Handcross1959
832Handcross Rifle Club1959
1335Handcross British Legion dinner 19591959
2229Auction sale of Colwood, Warninglid (4 of 4)1959
1220Slaugham wins Best Kept Village competition1959
1218Slaugham wins Best Kept Village competition1959
2458Balloon race at Handcross fete (10 of 14)1959
742Eddie and Laura Boxall at the Royal Oak, Handcross1960
817A jolly event in Handcross1960
815Handcross British Legion dinner1960
1866Slaugham Furnace Pond (8 of 11)1960
2068Harry Boniface and milk lorry1960
344Old House, Nymans1960
2436George and Alice Cook at Tilgate gardens1960
350Messel Plaque1960
1955Hill Cottages, Pease Pottage Hill1960
1292Lower Ashfold, Coos Lane, Slaugham1960
1077British Legion Beauty Queen 19601960
1290Trip to Leonardslee Gardens 19601960
743Horsham Road, Handcross1960
2285Handcross School choir under Mr Rees Thomas1960
1459Slaugham Parish Council matters 1960-19721960
1704Staff of Worth Engineering, Handcross1960
329The Victory, Staplefield1960
425Stagecoach at the Red Lion1960
672Anne, Countess of Rosse (1902-1992)1960
24041st Slaugham Scouts win Hardy Cup1960
1336Handcross British Legion dinner 19601960
313Staplefield post office and stores1960
1443Red Rover stagecoach at the Red Lion, Handcross1960
1424Handcross Primary School Choir1960
1442Red Rover stagecoach at Handcross1960
531Excursion for Slaugham couples1960
23Newells School at Handcross Park1960
797Red Lion, Handcross and signpost1960
1020The Shop at Sly Corner by Handcross Players1960
1540Children's Christmas party1960
998Woodhurst Hospital main entrance1960
907Jolly Tanners overlooking Staplefield Common1960
2176Staplefield Minors football team (2 of 4)1960
979Mystery play in the Parish Hall1960
567Leaflet promoting the Red Lion in Handcross1960
1593Stagecoach arriving in Handcross1960
997Woodhurst Hospital multi-view1960
813Red House, Handcross1960
2124Handcross Band on stage1960
1007Handcross Bowling Club win trophy1960
978Handcross football team 19601960
2216Harvesting at High Beeches, Handcross (1 of 2)1960
2217Harvesting at High Beeches, Handcross (2 of 2)1960
2219Harvesting time at High Beeches, Handcross1960
2220Handcross men outside the beer tent1960
2221Archie Mills, estate bailiff of High Beeches1960
1021The Shop at Sly Corner by Handcross Players1960
1627Jack Miles and the sewage collection lorry1960
1284Tulleys Stores, Handcross1960
1230Painting All Saints Church, Handcross1960
1231Painting All Saints Church, Handcross1960
600Interior of Slaugham church in colour1960
428Red Rover stagecoach at Red Lion1960
1012Handcross Ladies Keep Fit1960
1282Furnace Pond Cottage1960
1281Furnace Pond Cottage1960
426Stagecoach outside the Red Lion1960
2293Staplefield criicket century-makers (1 of 2)1960
1279Carthorse Derby at Handcross 19601960
427Stagecoach horses at Red Lion1960
2288Cottesmore School, Pease Pottage at cricket match1960
663High Beeches cattle driven along Balcombe Lane1960
880Handcross Primary School Nativity Play1960
1756Staplefield cricketers taking a break1960
191Church View Cottage, Slaugham1960
95The Dames School, Handcross1960
999Woodhurst Hospital and gardens1960
958The Shop at Sly Corner1960
1000Woodhurst Hospital and rose beds1960
1620Jack Miles and Ken Gasson in the Royal Oak1960
1001Woodhurst Hospital upper sitting room1960
1013Handcross Ladies Keep Fit1960
2389Handcross Youth Club concert1960
1002Woodhurst Hospital ward No. 31960
1441Mrs Agnes Dengate listens to Have A Go1961
2177Staplefield Minors football team (3 of 4)1961
1484Handcross Women's Institute programme for 19611961
994The Handcross Players and The Bride and Bachelor1961
981Handcross Players perform The Bride and Bachelor1961
1033Have a Go comes to Handcross (3)1961
779The Scouts log cabin at the Hyde, Handcross1961
1100Radio Times with "Have a Go"1961
1395Handcross lads in the Receation Ground1961
1509BBC interview with Charlie Adams on royal birth1961
1032Have a Go comes to Handcross (2)1961
1555Staplefield Horticultural Show 19611961
1872Slaugham Angling Club (2 of 2)1961
6Aerial view of Handcross new bypass1961
1034Have a Go comes to Handcross (4)1961
1031Have a Go comes to Handcross (1)1961
1961Princess Margaret with Pease Pottage maid1961
1014Handcross's own Pan's People1962
1529Regulars at the Royal Oak, Handcross1962
882Handcross Primary School, Class photograph1962
2174Staplefield Minors football team (1 of 4)1962
1417Tramp's Ball in Handcross Parish Hall1962
2474St Mary's church at Slaugham (4 of 6)1962
961Handcross football team 19621962
1283Furnace Pond Cottage1962
436Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime1962
2125Team England motocross includes local riders1962
437Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime1962
356Roger Ray, High Street, Handcross1962
2309Handcross cricketers at Ashfold School1962
1078British Legion Beauty Queen c. 19621962
1234Tramps' Ball in the Handcross Parish Hall1962
690The bridge at Handcross1962
1676Dances (6 of 6) - Dance membership cards1962
1964Heavy snow in Slaugham Park drive1962
1407Handcross tennis club social evening (1)1963
761Stanbridges for sale1963
810Stagecoach in Horsham Road, Pease Pottage 1963
2062Hyde estate in the 1960s1963
1512Handcross Dance Band1963
2145Tanners Mead housing estate in Staplefield1963
1881Ice skating on Slaugham Furnace Pond1963
1654Free Chase, Warninglid - Gardens Open Day1963
1803Cuckfield County Secondary School (1 of 2)1963
1406Handcross tennis club awards1963
1408Handcross tennis club social evening (2)1963
1079British Legion Beauty Queen 19631963
1804Cuckfield County Secondary School (2 of 2)1963
2398Stagecoach at the Red Lion, Handcross1963
340Staplefield school1964
118High Street, Handcross1964
1675Dances (5 of 6) - Tennis club social evening1964
1889Miss Handcross Social Club beauty queen contest1964
2385Tom Bailey at Woodhurst Hospital1964
618Tom Kinnard riding white horse1964
1664Fountain Inn, Handcross (1 of 7)1964
362PC David Pearce 1964
1027"Private Lives" by Handcross Players1964
2168London to Brighton veteran car run - Slaugham exit1964
1Multi-View Postcard1964
1601Lord Snowdon and Princess Margaret at Staplefield 1964
1709Worth Engineering - New factory (3 of 4)1965
1708Worth Engineering - New factory (2 of 4)1965
1707Worth Engineering - New factory (1 of 4)1965
1409Two tennis ladies at Handcross1965
641Cycling AA Patrolman from Handcross1965
424Outside Chodds, Handcross High Street1965
673Cottages in The Street, Warninglid1965
1665Fountain Inn, Handcross (2 of 7)1965
1662Crawley plans for Pease Pottage1965
1710Worth Engineering - New factory (4 of 4)1965
699Horsham Road, Handcross looking towards the bridge1965
1687The Gay Gordons in the Parish Hall, Handcross1965
357The hunt in Handcross1965
698Jaguar car in Horsham Road, Handcross1965
1449The ruins of Nymans house1965
568Postcard from Red Lion, Handcross1965
1611Perilous potholes in Pease Pottage1965
359Two vans and a car in Handcross1965
582Slaugham church with ladies passing by1965
1628Outing by the Rosemary Club of Handcross1965
1864Slaugham Furnace Pond (6 of 11)1965
358Ford Classic in Handcross1965
2031Three tennis ladies of Handcross1965
208The Chequers, Slaugham1965
285Post Office, Warninglid1965
1953Handcross High Street1965
1355The ruins of High Beeches1965
2386Sally Kennedy sitting on Morris Cowley at Woodhust1965
1983Foxhunt in Handcross High Street1965
1320Handcross school fete - 19651965
1379Cricket match at Handcross Recreation Ground1965
2334New factory unit for Worth Engineering (1 of 2)1965
2335New factory unit for Worth Engineering (2 of 2)1965
883Handcross Guides and Brownies1965
2159Slaugham village residents1965
937Wedding anniversary party in the Chequers Slaugham1965
1387Handcross witch with ice cream 1965
2178Staplefield Minors football team (4 of 4)1965
976Council Cottages, Warninglid1965
980Handcross Players in The Linden Tree1965
2153Fox hunt in Slaugham1965
986Handcross Weddings1965
1198Travellers at Staplefield1965
2055Newspaper article featuring Slaugham1966
674Canon and Mrs Edward Bradbrooke leave the parish 1966
1515Handcross Reserves football team1966
1359High Beeches auction map 19661966
1360High Beeches auction 1966 Lots 1 to 51966
1469Peas(E) Pottage name change1966
1361High Beeches auction 1966 Lots 6 to 161966
1243Handcross Band goes marching on1966
2180Aerial view of Slaugham village1966
1938Handcross football club 19661966
1080British Legion Beauty Queen 19661966
1081British Legion Beauty Queen 19671967
1934Handcross stoolball team1967
1519Handcross football team win the Charlwood Cup1967
1319Handcross school fete - September 19681968
1907Handcross Women's Institute tableau1968
553Opening of Listers in Warninglid1968
1975Concert and variety show at Parish Hall, Handcross1968
1245Handcross Band Festival 19681968
2000Wards Stores in the High Street, Handcross1968
1466Christmas Pageant in Handcross Parish Hall1968
1465Christmas Pageant in Handcross Parish Hall1968
1244Handcross Band Festival 19681968
1520Handcross football team1968
1419Handcross Women's Institute Golden Jubilee1968
2165Opening of Listers estate in Warninglid1968
1246Handcross Band concert 19691969
1249Handcross Band Christmas Variety Show (2)1969
1248Handcross Band Christmas Variety Show (1)1969
1247Handcross Band concert 19691969
1418Headmaster Frank Hawkesworth retires1969
1521Handcross football team1969
970Handcross school sports1969
1380Handcross Cricket Club versus Sussex1969
1634Girl Guide reunion at Handcross Primary School1969
1623Handcross and Horsham Outing Club on holiday1969
2459Handcross Band fete in Recreation Ground (11 of 141969
1082Handcross Band Queen 19691969
1217Driving sheep to the Hyde, Handcross1970
1516Handcross football team1970
465Quick's petrol pump, Handcross1970
1518Handcross football team1970
2303Slaugham Park1970
2448Broadfield Cottage and Broadfield House1970
635Armed robbery at Slaugham1970
1252Handcross Band playing carols in the High Street1970
1251Handcross Band concert at Crawley1970
1250Handcross Band concert at Reigate1970
1969The old garage in Handcross (4 of 4)1970
1865Slaugham Furnace Pond (7 of 11)1970
331Jolly Tanners, Staplefield1970
330Jolly Tanners, Staplefield1970
908Jolly Tanners in the snow1970
1522Crossroads in Warninglid1970
1957Timber-framed barn at Chodds Farmhouse, Handcross1970
1494Mill Pond at Slaugham with sluice1970
2382Handcross and District Players 1970
269Half Moon, Warninglid1970
270Half Moon, Warninglid1970
1472Mystery play at Handcross1970
1435Christmas card from Free Chase, Warninglid1970
398Chodds Farm House1970
1705Inn on the Park at Tilgate Park (1 of 2)1970
551Home Farm, Warninglid, buildings demolished1970
1935Handcross stoolball team1970
550Home Farm, Warninglid, buildings demolished1970
1950Handcross Band playing carols in the High Street1970
1944Dorothy Richter at Hyde Cottages. Handcross1970
549Home Farm, Warninglid, buildings demolished1970
1706Inn on the Park at Tilgate Park (2 of 2)1970
1315Remembrance Day at Staplefield1970
1503Slaugham Angling Club1970
1025"Trial and Error" by Handcross & District Players1970
363Jet Service Station Pease Pottage1970
2401Jack Cook, caretaker & head gardener at Broadfield1970
481Car smashed into Staplefield bus shelter1970
2082Vanguard omnibus accident (6 of 10)1971
1253Handcross Band Olde Tyme Music Hall1971
435The Handcross Players on stage1971
1024"See How They Run" by Handcross and Dist. Players 1971
1274Handcross doctors' surgery1971
2437Esther Shopland on her moped in Slaugham1971
616Michael Kinnard on Fordson Major Tractor1972
617B T Kinnard and Son's yard with Rover car1972
1254Handcross Band concert in Crawley1972
2223Ditton Place School, Staplefield (1 of 3)1972
2469Tulley's Post Office Stores, Handcross (4 of 5)1972
2225Ditton Place School, Staplefield (3 of 3)1972
2224Ditton Place School, Staplefield (2 of 3)1972
1590Handcross cricket team 19721972
1639Auction sale of Dencombe Estate, Handcoss (2 of 2)1972
1636Auction sale of Dencombe Estate- May 1972 (1 of 2)1972
780Twisted chimney at Chilmans, Slaugham1972
1517Handcross football team1972
1637Auction sale of Dencombe Estate- May 1972 (2 of 2)1972
1638Auction sale of Dencombe Estate, Handcoss (1 of 2)1972
1487Mystery stage production in Handcross1972
521Bonfire night in Slaugham1973
1019Abnormal loads in Handcross High Street1973
1949Abnormal loads in Handcross High Street1973
2340Auction sale of Warninglid houses in 19731973
1255Handcross Band recruitment drive1973
1280Furnace Pond Cottage1973
1018Abnormal load in Handcross1973
971Mr Gooders leaves Handcross School1973
973Story time at Warninglid school1973
1711Warninglid School pupils in Magistrates Court 1973
2503British Legion jumble sale in Parish Hall1974
1199Slaugham and St Martin des Besaces Twinning 1974
916Flower Festival at St. Mary's church, Slaugham1974
975My photograph from Warninglid school1974
972Warninglid school cycling proficiency 1974
1878Slaugham Twinning (2 of 3)1974
1382Warninglid school wins national beekeeping cup1974
917Flower Festival at St. Mary's church, Slaugham1974
1564Flower Festival at St. Mary's church, Slaugham1974
1901Handcross Women's Institute at Slaugham1974
918Flower Festival at St. Mary's church, Slaugham1974
1877Slaugham Twinning (1 of 3)1974
1626Christmas Greetings card from Slaugham1975
8Aerial view of Red Lion and Handcross High Street1975
1402Mystery stage production in Handcross1975
913Signs of the Jolly Tanners1975
250Warninglid village sign1975
2475St Mary's church at Slaugham (5 of 6)1975
2122Slaugham Twinning Association visit Normandy 19751975
974Warninglid school staff and pupils1975
667Head gardener of Nymans, Cecil Nice 1975
669Video of Slaugham Twinning trip to Normandy1975
335Jolly Tanners, Staplefield1975
552Entrance to Lydhurst, Warninglid1975
1460Slaugham Parish Council matters 1972-19751975
1366Aerial view of Handcross High Street1975
1386Handcross Primary School five-a-side football team1975
1523Slaugham Twinning first trip to France 1975
1216Driving sheep to the Hyde, Handcross1975
446Mrs Bryant and Mrs Arnold at Handcross School1975
1200Signing the Twinning Charter 1975
1614Warninglid School pupils1975
448Mr Quick's breakdown truck, Handcross1975
1923Slaugham featured in West Sussex Gazette1976
1939Slaugham Church featured in newspaper article1976
2258Warninglid versus England at cricket1976
946Warren family at the Hyde 50 years1976
947Warren family at the Hyde 50 years1976
326The Victory, Staplefield1976
1722Twinning Association at Slaugham church1976
327The Victory, Staplefield1976
2438The last of the village policemen in Handcross1976
671Handcross library closes1976
1202Normandy Twinning visit in Slaugham1976
449Silver Jubilee Mug Presentation1977
1920New Brownie Pack at Staplefield (2 of 2)1977
1919New Brownie Pack at Staplefield (1 of 2)1977
1781Silver Jubilee celebrations (2 of 9) - Programme1977
1788Silver Jubilee celebrations (9 of 9) - Party1977
923Slaugham Twinning Association in France1977
1703Queens Silver Jubilee - Presentation of mugs1977
1786Jubilee celebrations (7 of 9) - Mug presentation1977
1785Silver Jubilee celebrations (6 of 9) -Presentation1977
462RAC Service Centre, Handcross1977
1782Silver Jubilee celebrations (3 of 9) -Picture Show1977
463RAC Service Centre, Handcross1977
1495Les Moore, dairyman of Handcross1977
1784Silver Jubilee celebrations (5 of 9) - Party1977
1783Silver Jubilee celebrations (4 of 9) - Sports1977
485Jolly Tanners landlords1977
2123Slaugham Twinning Association visit Normandy 19771977
1795Street Fairs at Slaugham (5 of 5)1977
1787Silver Jubilee celebrations (8 of 9) - Fancy dress1977
1780Silver Jubilee celebrations (1 of 9) - Poster1977
464RAC Service Centre, Handcross1977
1908Handcross Women's Institute 60th anniversary1978
1879Slaugham Twinning 1978 (3 of 3)1978
2356Handcross School centenary - Buildings (13 of 13)1978
2345Handcross School centenary - Bell rings (2 of 13)1978
460Aerial view of the Fountain Inn, Handcross1978
2156Hyde Estate: Dovecote, Cecil Nice, sheep killed1978
2134Handcross Amateur Operatic Society (2 of 2)1978
2133Handcross Amateur Operatic Society (1 of 2)1978
2094Balcombe Water Tower (2 of 2)1978
2047Handcross School centenary celebrations1978
1984Ceremony at fire-damaged Red Lion in Handcross 1978
1987Clock tower at High Beeches1978
2344Handcross School centenary photograph (1 of 13)1978
2355Handcross School centenary- Weathervane (12 of 13)1978
2346Handcross School centenary - Pupils ring (3 of 13)1978
2347Handcross School centenary Maypole dance (4 of 13)1978
2348Handcross School centenary- Painting (5 of 13)1978
2349Handcross School centenary - Sideshows (6 of 13)1978
2350Handcross School centenary - Dancing (7 of 13)1978
2352Handcross School centenary - Pupils (9 of 13)1978
2353Handcross School centenary - Attendance (10 of 13)1978
2354Handcross School centernary- Attendance (11 of 13)1978
2343Handcross School netball team 19781978
1423Handcross School pupils walk to church1978
554Fire at Red Lion, Handcross1978
556Fire crews at the Red Lion, Handcross 1978
1581Stirling Moss at Warninglid School (1 of 2)1978
558Severe damage at Red Lion, Handcross1978
559Beer bottle survived the Red Lion fire 1978
560Charred leaflet from Red Lion fire1978
977Handcross school football team1978
892Handcross Women's Institute gift of village sign1978
1358High Beeches gardens open to the public 1978
894Handcross village sign1978
1287Warninglid School 1978
1619Stanbridges circa 19781978
623Red Lion definitely not open for business1978
1563Warninglid school centenary and new classroom1978
1572Red Lion fire at night-time 1978
915British Legion parade at Staplefield1978
1573Red Lion fire damage in the bar1978
1574Red Lion boarded up after the fire1978
898Who do you think you are? Stirling Moss!1978
1582Stirling Moss at Warninglid School (2 of 2)1978
893Handcross Women's Institute Diamond Jubilee1978
1663Broadfield located in Slaugham Parish!1978
771Handcross School centenary 1978 1978
557Damage to the roof of the Red Lion, Handcross1978
1410Handcross tennis club winners1978
1421Maypole dancing at Handcross School celebrations1978
1374Handcross school centenary procession to church1978
1373Handcross school centenary celebrations 1978
1371Handcross school bell awaiting restoration1978
1422Handcross School pupils walk to church 1978
555Dramatic fire at the Red Lion, Handcross1978
1201Slaugham Twinning in Normandy 1979
1438Cycling proficiency courses at Warninglid school1979
2465Fete on Staplefield Common 19791979
1902Handcross Women's Institute visit to Woburn Abbey1979
1023Handcross Amateur Operatic Society1979
1437Cycling proficiency courses at Warninglid school1979
1022Handcross Amateur Operatic Society 1979
561The Red Lion at Handcross re-opens 1979
2496Roy Leadbetter and HMS Rawalpindi1979
1293Warninglid School 1979
2378Handcross Amateur Operatic Society 1979
1617Lord Snowdon and Lucy's daughter christened1979
2304Sports centre application for Handcross1979
1321Warninglid school end-of-term show1979
1723Twinning Association visit Normandy1979
1575The Red Lion at Handcross starts its rebuild1979
1576Rebuilding the Red Lion with oak framing1979
2116Newspaper features Warninglid Slaugham & Handcross1979
1960Lord Snowdon and Lucy at baby's christening1979
1565Flower Festival at St. Mary's church, Slaugham1980
1401Frank Tulley - Memories1980
1967The old garage in Handcross (2 of 4)1980
1556Fete on Staplefield Common 19801980
1890Slaugham Twinning members and their guests1980
1450Highwayman hanged in Handcross1980
211Village tap at Slaugham1980
213Clare Cottage, Slaugham1980
1947Handcross stoolball team (3 of 4)1980
1300Warninglid School 1980
1339Warninglid school's pantomime1980
1367Aerial view of Handcross village1980
397Driveway beside Chodds1980
992Warninglid Brownies win dancing competition1980
1591Warninglid School trip to France 1980 (1 of 2)1980
1592Warninglid School trip to France 1980 (2 of 2)1980
911Jolly Tanners, the interior1980
919Flower Festival at St. Mary's church, Slaugham1980
909Jolly Tanners in the autumn1980
1666Fountain Inn, Handcross (3 of 7)1980
9Aerial view of Handcross and the bridge1980
2377Traffic problems at Handcross School1980
2315South Lodge on Ashfold estate, Handcross1980
7Aerial view of Handcross school1980
987Warninglid School cross country1981
1651Warninglid School Summer Concert 19811981
1411Handcross tennis club poster1981
1749Warninglid school's new swimming pool1981
1331Warninglid School at Christmas 19811981
2119Planning application for motel in Handcross1981
1891Slaugham Twinning trip to Normandy1981
922Pupils and staff of Warninglid School1981
1195Pease Pottage - Down Your Way 1981
1439Cycling proficiency courses at Warninglid school1981
1789Street party in Warninglid1981
1314Methodist Chapel in Handcross High Street1982
1313Methodist Chapel in Handcross High Street1982
1988Col. Giles Loder of High Beeches1982
491Handcross Police Station in the snow1982
1958New playground for Pease Pottage1982
1948Handcross stoolball team (4 of 4)1982
677Staplefield cricket club play Sussex CC1982
1892Slaugham Twinning play host to French visitors1982
9271st Staplefield Girl Guides1982
926Handcross Self-Build Group1982
2154The ruins of Nymans house from the gardens1982
1762Warninglid School win netball tournament1982
645The garage in Handcross1982
897Warninglid school leavers1982
646Old petrol pump at Handcross garage1982
1559Warninglid school trip to France1982
1927Battle of the Yellow Lines in Handcross (1 of 6)1983
2323My Ladies' Bowl at Slaugham Furnace Pond (4 of 4)1983
1440Cycling proficiency courses at Warninglid school1983
1692BBC filming at Slaugham Furnace Pond (1 of 2)1983
68Ice house at Ashfold1983
1929Battle of the Yellow Lines in Handcross (3 of 6)1983
1396Beaters from the Hyde Estate, Handcross1983
1398Handcross and the Peril of the Yellow Lines1983
1693BBC filming at Slaugham Furnace Pond (2 of 2)1983
2018Mid-Sussex District Council Elections 19831983
1256Handcross Band wins national championship1983
2211Handcross Band victorious1983
1996Handcross Self-Build Association celebrates1983
2322My Ladies' Bowl at Slaugham Furnace Pond (3 of 4)1983
1341Aerial view of Handcross (1)1983
1342Aerial view of Handcross (2)1983
1343Aerial view of Handcross (3)1983
1352Basil Blackman with Halifax propeller hub1983
1353Roger Ray with Halifax propeller hub1983
1612BBC television visits Warninglid School1983
1853New playground at Pease Pottage (1 of 2)1984
1854New playground at Pease Pottage (2 of 2)1984
1557Staplefield Horticultural Show 19841984
1928Battle of the Yellow Lines in Handcross (2 of 6)1984
1618Neighbourhood Watch introduced locally1984
1930Battle of the Yellow Lines in Handcross (4 of 6)1984
1931Battle of the Yellow Lines in Handcross (5 of 6)1984
2461Fete in Handcross Recreation Ground (13 of 14)1984
2317New housing development West Park Road, Handcross1984
1869Slaugham Furnace Pond (11 of 11)1984
2462Fete in Handcross Recreation Ground (14 of 14)1984
1394Warninglid school beekeeping group 1985
2486Tree planting in Handcross recreation ground1985
764Stanbridge Place1985
2460Handcross Flower Show 1985 (12 of 14)1985
518The Old Smithy, Warninglid1985
1356Doodlebug found in Handcross woods1985
912Spike Milligan at the Jolly Tanners1985
1233Slaugham Twinning Association Coffee Morning 1985
1542Ron Edwards in the Fountain Inn, Handcross1985
1196Church of the Ascension, Pease Pottage1985
1510Penelope Keith visits Nymans for the BBC1985
205940th Anniversary of VE Day dance (2 of 2)1985
205840th Anniversary of VE Day dance (1 of 2) 1985
1354Mystery object found in the woods1985
1903Handcross Women's Institute make patchwork quilt1985
1169Great Storm at Nymans - Low Pinetum1985
1464Handcross School and the Domesday Project1985
2414Father Christmas visits Handcross1985
1932Battle of the Yellow Lines in Handcross (6 of 6)1985
1383Warninglid School beekeeping group1985
1384Warninglid School beekeeping group1985
1966The old garage in Handcross (1 of 4)1986
2429Jogging for charity in Handcross1986
1185Nymans - Rose Garden renovation (1)1986
1566Flower Festival at St. Mary's church, Slaugham1986
1690Morris Register visit the Fountain Inn, Handcross1986
1124Great Storm at Gravelpit Corner, Handcross1987
2110Great Storm (2 of 3) Handcross Recreation Ground1987
21091987 Great Storm (1 of 3) Nymans, Handcross1987
1307Spar shop and Quick's Garage, Handcross1987
1134Great Storm damages car in Handcross1987
1126Great Storm at Cow Wood1987
1133Great Storm at Handcross receation ground1987
1306Archie Quick's garage1987
1132Great Storm at Handcross receation ground1987
1397Beaters from the Hyde Estate, Handcross1987
1130Great Storm damage to cedar tree in Nymans1987
1135Great Storm hits Handcross Park School1987
1125Great Storm in Balcombe Lane, Handcross1987
1129Great Storm at Nymans walled garden1987
787The Great Storm blocks road in Slaugham1987
786The Great Storm hits Warninglid1987
785The Great Storm fells trees in Slaugham churchyard1987
1128Great Storm at Nymans driveway, Handcross1987
1127Great Storm at Nymans car park1987
784The Great Storm blocks the Slaugham Park drive1987
1131Great Storm at Nymans, Handcross1987
1182Great Storm - Balcombe Lane, Handcross1987
1172Great Storm at Nymans - Garden team1987
1179The Great Storm - Horsham Road, Handcross1987
1186Nymans - Rose Garden renovation (2)1987
2111Great Storm (3 of 3) Nymans garden, Handcross1987
1180Great Storm - High Street, Handcross1987
1170Great Storm at Nymans - Low Pinetum1987
480Abandoned car in snow drift1987
1171Great Storm at Nymans - Low Pinetum1987
479Heavy snow in Staplefield1987
1181Great Storm - Coos Lane, Handcross1987
478Snow clearance at Staplefield1987
1168Great Storm at Nymans - North Drive1987
563Re-launch of the Red Lion, Handcross1987
1167Great Storm at Nymans - North Drive1987
1166Great Storm at Nymans - Deodar Cedar1987
1136Great Storm at the water tower, Handcross1987
562Red Lion, Handcross, windows boarded up1987
1188Nymans - Rose Garden renovation (4)1988
1187Nymans - Rose Garden renovation (3)1988
1954The new estate of Windmill Platt in Handcross1988
1496Car parking in Brighton Road, Handcross1988
1497Bredhurst Electronics In Handcross1988
1498Handcross High Street1988
1499Alexander's Hardware in High Street, Handcross1988
1694The TA arrive at High Beeches after Halifax crash1988
1500Lucas Garden Statuary in High Street, Handcross1988
1501Handcross High Street1988
1502The Forge, Handcross1988
1513Around Old Slaugham by Roger Ray1988
1189Nymans - Rose Garden renovation (5)1988
2489Wooden bungalow in Balcombe Lane, Handcross1988
1904Handcross Women's Institute 70th anniversary1988
1905Handcross Women's Institute 70th anniversary1988
1399Handcross banishes the yellow lines1989
1970Archie Quick (1901-1989)1989
2485Fred and Lilian Beet golden wedding1989
1203Slaugham Twinning visit to Normandy1989
1190Nymans - Rose Garden renovation (6)1989
419Charlie Jenner and his Morgan 3-wheeler1989
2158Nymans:Bert Mitchell, Oliver Messel, Coat of Arms 1989
492Handcross Police Station 1989
388Slaugham cricket pavilion1990
402Aerial picture of Handcross High Street1990
401Aerial view of Handcross High Street1990
910Jolly Tanners, Staplefield1990
2324Social event at St Mary's church, Slaugham1990
1069New sports pavilion at Handcross1990
791Gossiping in Slaugham1990
520Fruit and Veg shop in Handcross1990
1971Swan at Slaugham Furnace Pond1990
1721St Martin des Besaces 1990
2468Eversheds Post Office Stores, Handcross (3 of 5)1990
2034Horsham Road residents fight traffic (1 of 3)1990
2036Horsham Road residents fight traffic (3 of 3)1990
2330PC David Pearce goes incognito (5 of 5)1990
1873Handcross Conservation Area1990
2035Horsham Road residents fight traffic (2 of 3)1990
2083Vanguard omnibus accident (7 of 10)1991
2328Hunt for killer in gruesome murder (3 of 5) 1991
670Handcross over the Years by Roger Ray1992
1791Street Fairs at Slaugham (1 of 5)1992
1792Street Fairs at Slaugham (2 of 5)1992
1807Slaugham Street Fair (2 of 4)1992
2327A day in the life of a rural policeman (2 of 5)1992
1793Street Fairs at Slaugham (3 of 5)1992
1806Slaugham Street Fair (1 of 4)1992
757The Gate Lodge, Pease Pottage1992
2049Handcross stoolball team at tournament (2 of 6)1992
782Road works at Pease Pottage1992
1602Obituary of Anne, Countess of Rosse1992
774Moat House Cottage, Slaugham1992
783Digger accident at Slaugham1992
1606Goldfish pond at Nymans1993
644New bypass on the Hyde estate1993
2151Handcross Women's Institute - Memories (5 of 6)1993
1906Handcross Women's Institute 75th anniversary1993
1700Morris Register cars at Fountain Inn, Handcross1993
2150Handcross Women's Institute - Memories (4 of 6)1993
2149Handcross Women’s Institute - Memories (3 of 6)1993
2037Handcross stoolball team 19931993
643New bypass and Hyde bridge1993
1511Radio Sussex with Sheila Crighton1993
2048Handcross stoolball team at tournament (1 of 6)1993
2148Handcross Women's Institute memories (2 of 6)1993
2147Handcross Women's Institute memories (1 of 6)1993
751Broadfield House1993
2117Percy Bailey and the A23 roadworks1993
781Fire at Slaugham Manor1994
2040Fire at police centre, Slaugham Manor1994
874Five Cross Ways Garage (3 of 3)1994
1616Lord Snowdon welcomes villagers to Nymans1994
872Five Cross Ways Garage (1 of 3)1994
758The Gate Lodge, Pease Pottage, hit by beech tree1994
2470Spar Post Office Stores, Handcross (5 of 5)1994
1794Street Fairs at Slaugham (4 of 5)1994
1615Lord Snowdon announces future plans for Nymans1994
788Accident on the Slaugham bridge1994
1857Fire at Slaugham Manor, forrnerly Slaugham Place1994
1605Lord Snowdon announces plans for Nymans (2 of 2)1994
1604Lord Snowdon announces plans for Nymans (1 of 2)1994
873Five Cross Ways Garage (2 of 3)1994
1809Slaugham Street Fair (4 of 4)1994
1808Slaugham Street Fair (3 of 4)1994
523Warninglid Players 1995
2053Handcross stoolball team win tournament (6 of 6)1995
626Hyde country house for sale1995
789Cedar Cottage, Slaugham1995
1003Anne Swithinbank at Handcross1995
2424Charles Jenner and Lucy Pittuck1995
1858Fire at Slaugham Manor, forrnerly Slaugham Place1995
1691The launch of the Slaugham Parish community bus1995
2269Three little maids at Handcross School1996
2052Handcross stoolball team (5 of 6)1998
489Slaugham Millennium seating1999
2050Handcross stoolball team at tournament (3 of 6)1999
2152Handcross Women's Institute - Memories (6 of 6)2000
1558Staplefield Horticultural Show 20002000
1580Whalebone Lodge, Pease Pottage (2 of 2)2000
1936Litter picking in Handcross High Street2000
2051Handcross stoolball team (4 of 6)2000
2329Scheme to counter vandalism in Handcross (4 of 5)2001
2338Veteran Car Run in Handcross 20022002
790Cedar Cottage, Slaugham2002
2395Veteran car run in Handcross High Street2002
2060Golden Jubilee celebrations in Warninglid2002
756Tilgate Forest Lodge, Pease Pottage2003
1712Outing Club to Bridlington (1 of 5)2004
382Evacuees from Buckingham Gate Central School2004
1834Staplefield Soap Box Challenge 2005 (2 of 2)2005
1833Staplefield Soap Box Challenge 2005 (1 of 2)2005
1917St Andrew's church in Warninglid2005
1713Outing Club to Constable Country (2 of 5)2005
1986High Beeches historical newspaper cutting2006
1823Staplefield Village Barbecue 2006 (1 of 3)2006
2310Ashfold Grange, Handcross (1 of 2)2006
2311Ashfold Grange, Handcross (2 of 2)2006
1824Staplefield Village Barbecue 2006 (2 of 3)2006
2086Vanguard omnibus accident (10 of 10)2006
1825Staplefield Village Barbecue 2006 (3 of 3)2006
1714Outing Club to Llandrindod Wells (3 of 5)2007
2188Pease Pottage football team in Cup Final2007
522Warninglid Players 2007
1715Outing Club to Ironbridge (4 of 5)2008
1716Outing Club's 40th Anniversary (5 of 5)2008
160The Grapes, Pease Pottage2008
416Batchelors Buildings sign2009
417Batchelors Buildings 200th anniversary2009
714St Mary's Church, Slaugham2010
934Village approach, Slaugham2010
933The Nursery, Slaugham2010
564A dating problem at the Red Lion, Handcross2010
1159Slaugham in the snow2010
1160Lych gate, Slaugham2010
1107Lynx Cottage2010
935Church View Cottage, Slaugham 2010
715Stained glass windows, Slaugham2010
956The Chequers, Slaugham2010
932Naylands, Slaugham2010
1037Alba, Slaugham2010
1038The Cottage and 2 The Cottage, Slaugham2010
1039Cedar Cottage, Slaugham2010
931Naylands, Slaugham2010
930Mill Pond, Slaugham2010
1040Slaugham Park2010
1041Slaugham Park2010
1106Foyles, Slaugham2010
711Slaugham 2010 Year Book with map and index2010
983Slaugham Water & Village Pump 2010
712Church door, Slaugham2010
984Post Cottage, Slaugham2010
734Slaugham Place ruins2010
929Mill Pond, Slaugham2010
713St Mary's Church, Slaugham2010
735Moat House Cottage, Slaugham2010
736Moat House, Slaugham2010
726Slaugham Place ruins2010
737Slaugham Manor2010
738Slaugham Mill Pond2010
954Jenners, Slaugham2010
1010Orchard House, Slaugham2010
1161Slaugham Year Book acknowledgements2010
1011Chilmans, Slaugham2010
725Church Covert, Slaugham2010
724White Horse Inn, Slaugham2010
957The Telephone Box, Slaugham2010
723St Mary's, Slaugham2010
982Village Post Box, Slaugham 2010
955The Chequers, Slaugham2010
985Clare Cottage, Slaugham 2010
1105Foyles, Slaugham2010
953Jenners, Slaugham2010
952Horses at The Chequers, Slaugham2010
1009Orchard House, Slaugham2010
1818Murals of St Mark's Church, Staplefield (1 of 4)2010
10871 and 2 Preston Cottages, Slaugham2010
10881, Bosworths Cottages, Slaugham2010
1008Chantry Gardens, Slaugham2010
1042Stable Cottage and Farm Cottage, Slaugham Park2010
675Pollarded beech tree along Balcombe Lane2010
928My Ladies' Bowl, Slaugham2010
1103White Cottage, Slaugham2010
831Nostra and Marions, Slaugham2010
830Nether Ashfold, Slaugham2010
829Inholms Cottage, Slaugham2010
828The Cottage and The Bothy, Slaugham2010
1086Kent House, Slaugham2010
766Slaugham Place Farm2010
11023, Bosworths Cottages, Slaugham2010
1819Murals of St Mark's Church, Staplefield (2 of 4)2010
806Lower Ashfold, Slaugham2010
805The Old School House, Slaugham2010
1820Murals of St Mark's Church, Staplefield (3 of 4)2010
804The Old School House, Slaugham2010
803Brook Cottage, Slaugham2010
802Brook Cottage, Slaugham2010
801The Coach House, Slaugham2010
800The Old Rectory, Slaugham2010
1362High Beeches Nursery end of an era2010
767The Mill Pond, Slaugham2010
768Slaugham Mill2010
765Mill Hill Cottage and The Acorns, Slaugham2010
1140Bosworths, Slaugham2010
565Problem solved at the Red Lion2010
1158Rock Cottage, Slaugham2010
1142Bosworths, Slaugham2010
161The Grapes, Pease Pottage2010
906Furnace Pond Cottage, Slaugham 2010
905Pond Tail Farmhouse, Slaugham2010
904Pond Tail Farmhouse, Slaugham2010
769Slaugham Mill2010
903Phipps, Slaugham2010
902Poyningshurst, Slaugham2010
1141Bosworths, Slaugham2010
901The Cottage, Coos Lane, Slaugham2010
1085Carpenters Arms, Slaugham2010
1139Chantry House, Slaugham2010
749Stable Cottage, Slaugham2010
1084Carpenters Arms, Slaugham2010
1083South Lodge, Slaugham2010
750Lakeside, Slaugham2010
1138Chantry House, Slaugham2010
748The Coach House, Slaugham2010
1104White Cottage, Slaugham2010
113710, The Green, Slaugham2010
1835Staplefield Easter Egg Throwing competition 2011 2011
2233Reunion of Handcross school friends in Red Lion2011
1668Fountain Inn, Handcross (5 of 7)2011
1837Staplefield Royal Wedding celebration 201 (2 of 2)2011
1667Fountain Inn, Handcross (4 of 7)2011
2342Video of Handcross Hill - 21st Century version2011
461The Fountain Inn sold2011
1836Staplefield Royal Wedding celebration 201 (1 of 2)2011
1677Chownes Mead - Former maternity hospital for sale2011
1826Staplefield Fun Day 2012 (1 of 3)2012
1828Staplefield Fun Day 2012 (3 of 3)2012
1827Staplefield Fun Day 2012 (2 of 3)2012
295War memorial in St Marks, Staplefield2012
294War memorial in St Marks, Staplefield2012
1831Staplefield Diamond Jubilee celebrations (1 of 2)2012
293Staplefield war memorial2012
1669Fountain Inn, Handcross (6 of 7)2012
420Handcross Hill Road Improvements2012
422Handcross Hill Slaugham Exit2012
1832Staplefield Diamond Jubilee celebrations (2 of 2)2012
2137Staplefield features in dramatic film2012
606The Fountain Inn, Handcross 2012
421Handcross Hill Road Works2012
896Toll House at Eastland House2013
1830Staplefield Fun Day 2013 (2 of 2)2013
2321My Ladies' Bowl at Slaugham Furnace Pond (2 of 4)2013
1926Staplefield Church Flower Festival (2 of 2)2013
895Gravestone in Slaugham churchyard2013
920New shops in Handcross High Street2013
1925Staplefield Church Flower Festival (1 of 2)2013
1829Staplefield Fun Day 2013 (1 of 2)2013
1272Arthur Shopland RIP2014
1271Tour of Britain at Handcross2014
1119Minstrels banjo2014
1205Signpost at Chodds Cottages, Handcross2014
1264The Green, Slaugham2014
1116The lake at the Hyde, Handcross2014
1221Devonshire Dairy, Handcross2014
1063Buchan Hill Farm, now Cottesmore Golf Club2014
1193Cyclists at Sabrina's Sweet Things2014
1204Chodds Cottages in Handcross High Street2014
2087Ruins of Slaugham Place - Arthur Shopland (1 of 6)2015
2089Ruins of Slaugham Place - Arthur Shopland (3 of 6)2015
2090Ruins of Slaugham Place - Arthur Shopland (4 of 6)2015
2091Ruins of Slaugham Place - Arthur Shopland (5 of 6)2015
1838Staplefield Village Fete 2015 (1 of 5)2015
2088Ruins of Slaugham Place - Arthur Shopland (2 of 6)2015
1389Housing development in Brighton Road, Handcross2015
1390Housing development in Brighton Road, Handcross2015
1391Housing development in Brighton Road, Handcross2015
1839Staplefield Village Fete 2015 (2 of 5)2015
1840Staplefield Village Fete 2015 (3 of 5)2015
1841Staplefield Village Fete 2015 (4 of 5)2015
1842Staplefield Village Fete 2015 (5 of 5)2015
1388Housing development in Brighton Road, Handcross2015
1533Memorial to George Berney Allen of Free Chase2015
1635Culvert exposed on Hyde lake2015
2092Ruins of Slaugham Place - Arthur Shopland (6 of 6)2015
1640New development in Brighton Road, Handcross2016
1882Old Shool House, Slaugham2016
1855Tom and Beryl Chamberlain2016
1648Handcross School 1908 (3 of 3) Girls2016
1679Woodhurst - Where have all the flowers gone?2016
1821Murals of St Mark's Church, Staplefield (4 of 4)2016
1875Pat Manthorpe R.I.P.2016
1856Senior ciizens in St Mary's church, Slaugham2016
1822A visit to Pook's Church at Nymans2016
1914Don Sinclair R.I.P.2017
2027Albino peacock on the run in Handcross2017
1962Lord Snowdon (1930-2017)2017
1985Eileen Miles (née Snelling) (1938-2017)2017
2026Antiques Roadshow filming in Handcross (2 of 2)2017
2046Sad demise of the Cow Pond at Ashfold2017
2126We will remember them. An extraordinary story. 2017
1965Sunbeam Motor Cycle Club 78th Pioneer Run 20172017
2076Alan Greenfield (1924-2017)2017
2118Ashfold house domestic gasworks2017
2115Gasworks at Ashfold House2017
2113Pat Long R.I.P.2017
2104Antiques Roadshow visits Nymans gardens2017
2025Antiques Roadshow filming in Handcross (1 of 2)2017
2318R.I.P Geoff Munn (1930-2018)2018
2276R.I.P. David Stenning (1929-2017)2018
2357Warninglid aerial photograph2018
2337Historic Slaugham fingerpost in Colgate Parish2018
2369Hoadlands housing development in Handcross2018
2308Fingerpost at Coos Lane, Handcross restored2018
2175Mrs Elsie Cosens R.I.P.2018
2164Railway Modeller features Handcross station2018
2387Restored fingerpost at Pease Pottage2018
2392Warninglid windmill 2018
2206The funeral of 105-years-old Mrs Elsie Cosens2018
2445Beaters at Bells Farm, Warninglid2018
2351Handcross School centenary - Picnic (8 of 13)2018
2423Former Meteorological Office at Pease Pottage2018
2163Mrs Elsie Cosens - 105-years-old today2018
2491Sad news from Burgess Hill2019
2495New Community Centre in Pease Pottage2019
2504Petanque club of Handcross play French team2019
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