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2019Sad news from Burgess Hill, New Community Centre in Pease Pottage
2018The funeral of 105-years-old Mrs Elsie Cosens, Mrs Elsie Cosens - 105-years-old today, Railway Modeller features Handcro...
2017Don Sinclair R.I.P., Lord Snowdon (1930-2017), Sunbeam Motor Cycle Club 78th Pioneer Run 2017
2016New development in Brighton Road, Handcross, Handcross School 1908 (3 of 3) Girls, Woodhurst - Where have all the flower...
2015Housing development in Brighton Road, Handcross, Housing development in Brighton Road, Handcross, Housing development in...
2014Buchan Hill Farm, now Cottesmore Golf Club, The lake at the Hyde, Handcross, Minstrels banjo
2013Gravestone in Slaugham churchyard, Toll House at Eastland House, New shops in Handcross High Street
2012Staplefield war memorial, War memorial in St Marks, Staplefield, War memorial in St Marks, Staplefield
2011Reunion of Handcross school friends in Red Lion, The Fountain Inn sold, Fountain Inn, Handcross (4 of 7)
2010The Grapes, Pease Pottage, A dating problem at the Red Lion, Handcross, Problem solved at the Red Lion
2009Batchelors Buildings sign, Batchelors Buildings 200th anniversary
2008The Grapes, Pease Pottage, Outing Club to Ironbridge (4 of 5), Outing Club's 40th Anniversary (5 of 5)
2007Warninglid Players , Outing Club to Llandrindod Wells (3 of 5), Pease Pottage football team in Cup Final
2006Staplefield Village Barbecue 2006 (1 of 3), Staplefield Village Barbecue 2006 (2 of 3), Staplefield Village Barbecue 200...
2005Outing Club to Constable Country (2 of 5), Staplefield Soap Box Challenge 2005 (1 of 2), Staplefield Soap Box Challenge ...
2004Evacuees from Buckingham Gate Central School, Outing Club to Bridlington (1 of 5)
2003Tilgate Forest Lodge, Pease Pottage
2002Cedar Cottage, Slaugham, Golden Jubilee celebrations in Warninglid, Veteran Car Run in Handcross 2002
2001Scheme to counter vandalism in Handcross (4 of 5)
2000Staplefield Horticultural Show 2000, Whalebone Lodge, Pease Pottage (2 of 2), Litter picking in Handcross High Street
1999Slaugham Millennium seating, Handcross stoolball team at tournament (3 of 6)
1998Handcross stoolball team (5 of 6)
1996Three little maids at Handcross School
1995Warninglid Players , Hyde country house for sale, Cedar Cottage, Slaugham
1994The Gate Lodge, Pease Pottage, hit by beech tree, Fire at Slaugham Manor, Accident on the Slaugham bridge
1993New bypass and Hyde bridge, New bypass on the Hyde estate, Broadfield House
1992Handcross over the Years by Roger Ray, The Gate Lodge, Pease Pottage, Moat House Cottage, Slaugham
1991Vanguard omnibus accident (7 of 10), Hunt for killer in gruesome murder (3 of 5)
1990Slaugham cricket pavilion, Aerial view of Handcross High Street, Aerial picture of Handcross High Street
1989Charlie Jenner and his Morgan 3-wheeler, Handcross Police Station , Nymans - Rose Garden renovation (6)
1988Nymans - Rose Garden renovation (3), Nymans - Rose Garden renovation (4), Nymans - Rose Garden renovation (5)
1987Snow clearance at Staplefield, Heavy snow in Staplefield, Abandoned car in snow drift
1986Nymans - Rose Garden renovation (1), Flower Festival at St. Mary's church, Slaugham, Morris Register visit the Fountain ...
1985The Old Smithy, Warninglid, Stanbridges, Stanbridge Place
1984Staplefield Horticultural Show 1984, Neighbourhood Watch introduced locally, New playground at Pease Pottage (1 of 2)
1983Ice house at Ashfold, Handcross Band wins national championship, Aerial view of Handcross (1)
1982Handcross Police Station in the snow, The garage in Handcross, Old petrol pump at Handcross garage
1981Pupils and staff of Warninglid School, Warninglid School cross country, Pease Pottage - Down Your Way
1980Aerial view of Handcross school, Aerial view of Handcross and the bridge, Village tap at Slaugham
1979The Red Lion at Handcross re-opens , Handcross Amateur Operatic Society , Handcross Amateur Operatic Society
1978Aerial view of the Fountain Inn, Handcross, Fire at Red Lion, Handcross, Dramatic fire at the Red Lion, Handcross
1977Silver Jubilee Mug Presentation, RAC Service Centre, Handcross, RAC Service Centre, Handcross
1976The Victory, Staplefield, The Victory, Staplefield, Warninglid versus England at cricket
1975Aerial view of Red Lion and Handcross High Street, Warninglid village sign, Jolly Tanners, Staplefield
1974Flower Festival at St. Mary's church, Slaugham, Flower Festival at St. Mary's church, Slaugham, Flower Festival at St. M...
1973Bonfire night in Slaugham, Mr Gooders leaves Handcross School, Story time at Warninglid school
1972Michael Kinnard on Fordson Major Tractor, B T Kinnard and Son's yard with Rover car, Twisted chimney at Chilmans, Slaugh...
1971The Handcross Players on stage, "See How They Run" by Handcross and Dist. Players , Handcross Band Olde Tyme Music Hall
1970Dencombe, Half Moon, Warninglid, Half Moon, Warninglid
1969Handcross school sports, Handcross Band Queen 1969, Handcross Band concert 1969
1968Opening of Listers in Warninglid, Handcross Band Festival 1968, Handcross Band Festival 1968
1967British Legion Beauty Queen 1967, Handcross football team win the Charlwood Cup, Handcross stoolball team
1966Canon and Mrs Edward Bradbrooke leave the parish , British Legion Beauty Queen 1966, Handcross Band goes marching on
1965The Chequers, Slaugham, Post Office, Warninglid, The hunt in Handcross
1964Multi-View Postcard, High Street, Handcross, Staplefield school
1963Stanbridges for sale, Stagecoach in Horsham Road, Pease Pottage , British Legion Beauty Queen 1963
1962Roger Ray, High Street, Handcross, Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime
1961Aerial view of Handcross new bypass, The Scouts log cabin at the Hyde, Handcross, Handcross Players perform The Bride an...
1960Newells School at Handcross Park, The Dames School, Handcross, Church View Cottage, Slaugham
1959Church Fete at the Recreation Ground, Handcross, Wellingtonias at Handcross Park , The bridge in Handcross
1958Multi-view of Slaugham, Handcross school sports day, Subway at Handcross school
1957Handcross band playing carols, Remembrance Day at Slaugham Church, Slaugham choir trip to Chichester cathedral
1956The Handcross Players perform "Bonaventure", Slaugham church with car parked outside, Tree clearance at Pease Pottage
1955The Green, Slaugham, The Green, Slaugham, Staplefield school
1954Nymans handed over to National Trust, Handcross Sunday School outing, Handcross Horticultural Show
1953Coronation of Queen Elizabeth celebration, Slaugham Parish magazine from 1953, Coronation Parade with tractor
1952Handcross W. I. Shakespeare Society, Carthorse Derby at Handcross, Cars parked at the Red Lion, Handcross
1951High Street, Handcross, Induction of Rev. E. Bradbrooke at Slaugham church, Balcombe Lane and East Lodge
1950Dencombe, The coach houses at High Beeches, Nymans in ruins
1949Staff of the Black Swan, Pease Pottage, Dedication of War Memorial at St Mary's, Bells Farmhouse, Warninglid
1948Stanbridge Farm, Boy Scouts at summer camp , Handcross Youth Club in Recreation Ground
1947Handcross W. I. "Mrs Grundy comes to tea", Handcross Youth Club, Icicle in Handcross High Street
1946Post office and stores, Slaugham, Miss Fortune Smith marries, Baby parade to celebrate VE Day
1945Holly Cottages, Staplefield, George Cook of Tilgate, Aerial view of Slaugham
1944Plane landed on Handcross golf course, Chownes Mead maternity unit, Pease Pottage Home Guard
1943St Mark's church, Staplefield, Evacuees from Buckingham Gate school at Nymans, Wartime Christmas card from Africa
1942Handcross Home Guard, Baptism certificate at All Saints, Handcross, Kitty Jenner and George Jenner
1941St Mary's Slaugham monthly magazine, Handcross Women's Institute badges & members card, Slaugham Parish magazine for Oct...
1940Handcross Park, Handcross Park, Handcross Park
1939Gate Lodge, Tilgate Forest Lodge, Pease Pottage, Interior of Slaugham church and war memorial, Dance in the Parish Hall,...
1938Home Farm, Warninglid, Lane to Hoadlands beside Handcross school, Cosens family in the Recreation Ground
1937Tulley's Stores - Coronation display, Coronation - High Street, Handcross, Coronation - High Street, Handcross
1936Car park full at Black Swan, Pease Pottage, Appeal for electricity supply at Slaugham church, Coaches outside the Black ...
1935Multi-View Postcard, Aerial view of Handcross High Street, Handcross Park on fire
1934The Hyde drive, Chantry House, Slaugham, Rock Cottage, Slaugham
1933The Green, Slaugham, Tilgate stables, East Park, Handcross
1932Handcross show and sports day 1932 (1 of 2), The Great Hall at Nymans, Hyde cricket team
1931Handcross Bowling Club, Handcross football team 1931, Pease Pottage cricket club fixtures card 1931
1930Multi-View Postcard, High Beeches, High Beeches
1929Quick's Garage, Handcross, Tilgate staff at Christopher Nix's 21st birthday, Handcross Stoolball team 1929
1928Staplefield Road - Boots repaired, Tulley's Stores, Handcross, Lily Warren and Eveline Warren at Chailey Heritage
1927Ashfold lake, Tilgate chauffeur, Charabanc outside the Black Swan, Pease Pottage
1926Handcross Park cricket team 1926, Handcross football team 1925/26, Staplefield cricket team 1926
1925The Hyde lake, Handcross Hill, High Street, Handcross
1924Harvesting on the Tilgate Estate, Gilhams and Marions, Coos Lane, Hoadlands Cottages, Handcross
1923High Street, Handcross, Staplefield pond, Warninglid cricket team
1922Staplefield war memorial, Staplefield Common, Staplefield school stoolball team
1921St. Mary's church bells repair, Picnic at Pease Pottage cricket match, May Day Festival 1921 Staplefield
1920Handcross Park, Handcross Park, Handcross Park
1919Staplefield Welcome Home Service and Supper, May Day Festival 1919 Staplefield, Handcross School football team
1918Ashfold house, Ashfold house, Staplefield Road
1917St Mark's church, Staplefield, Postcard from France 1917, Henry Elliott outside Oakley Cottages
1916Horsham Road, Pease Pottage, Cattle in Horsham Road, Pease Pottage, Post Office, Pease Pottage
1915Cow Wood, Nymans, Staplefield Road and Brighton Road junction, High Street, Handcross
1914The Green, Slaugham, The Carpenters Arms, Slaugham, Slaugham Place ruins
1913Fixtures card of High Beeches Cricket Club 1913, Tulley's Stores, Handcross, Tulley's Stores, Handcross
1912Chapel House, Staplefield, Winter in Slaugham churchyard, Fishing competition at Slaugham Mill Pond
1911Fond Greetings from Staplefield, Staplefield school, Herrings Cottages, Warninglid
1910The lake at Nymans, Old House, Nymans, The Hyde, Handcross
1909Map showing the second Handcross Park, Warninglid school 1909, Handcross cricket team
1908Nymans main entrance, Hoadley's Handcross, Hoadley's Stores, Handcross
1907Handcross Park, East Lodge, Tilgate Forest Row, Pease Pottage, The Street, Warninglid
1906Multi-View Postcard, Ashfold house, Hill Top, Brighton Road
1905Caffyn Bros, Handcross, High Street Handcross - Signwriting, The Grapes, Pease Pottage
1904High Street, Handcross, Post Office, Pease Pottage, Black Swan, Pease Pottage
1903High Street, Handcross, Handcross football team 1903, Handcross school in 1903
1901Post office stores, Slaugham, Bravery award at Warninglid school, Handcross school in 1901
1900Pook's Church at Nymans, Pook's Church at Nymans., The Hyde house
1899Wedding of George Tomsett and Ann Newman, Warninglid school 1899, Handcross Band venues 1894 to 1899
1897Diamond Jubilee party at Warninglid
1896Horse and cart in Horsham Road, Handcross
1895Policeman outside the Working Men's Club, Schoolchildren in Handcross High Street, Farm wagon outside the Red lion
1892Handcross Cricket Club, Handcross Band 1892
1891Family game of stoolball
1890Stagecoach on Handcross Hill, Hoadley's and Red Lion, Staplefield Common
1889Belleview - Mystery house at Slaugham
1888Zoar Baptist Chapel - High Street, Handcross, Stagecoach race for wager, Stagecoach in Penny Illustrated of 1888
1886Old garage in High Street, Handcross, Programme of entertainment in Handcross
1885St Mary's church at Slaugham (3 of 6)
1881Staplefield cricket match report 1881
1880Brighton Road horse and carriage, Thomas Caffyn flagon from Handcross Post Office, Thomas Caffyn's shop in Handcross Hig...
1876Sir Edmund Loder's wedding, Sir Edmund's Loder wedding, Sir Edmund Loder's wedding
1875High Street, Handcross, High Street, Handcross, Black Swan, Pease Pottage
1874Bosworth and Rock Cottage, Slaugham (3 of 3)
1873Auction sale of No.1 Batchelors Buildings, Auction of Handcross Park Estate 1873 (1 of 2), Auction of Handcross Park Est...
1872High Street, Handcross, Landlord standing outside the Red Lion, Handcross
1871A walk at Tilgate Forest Lodge, Pease Pottage
1870Policeman at Old White Horse, Slaugham
1867Stagecoach from Brighton at Red Lion, Handcross
1850Nye & Son, shopkeepers of Handcross (2 of 2)
1842Tithe map of 1842 showing Handcross House, Bosworth and Rock Cottage, Slaugham (1 of 3)
1841Bosworth and Rock Cottage, Slaugham (2 of 3)
1836Auction 1836 (1 of 8) - Cover and conditions, Auction 1836 (2 of 8) - Fountain Inn and windmill, Auction 1836 (3 of 8) -...
1830The shop in Slaugham
1805Painting of Slaugham church
1787Original Ashfold House, Handcross
1782Zoar Baptist Chapel - High Street, Handcross
1631Line drawing of Slaugham church
1575Slaugham Place conjectural reconstruction

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